Friday, April 19, 2019

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: 4/20/2019

It's time to share how we're building our pantries with $5 or less.
Remember this $5 is not part of the weekly groceries budget. It is set aside to be used just for stocking up in any area of our pantries.   
Here's what I added to my pantry this week …

5 cans of cherry filling/topping from The Dollar Tree ($1 per can).

I wasn't sure about the brand but after trying it, we were very pleased with it.

What did you add to your pantry this week with your $5 allotment?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. My Stop and Shop is being remodeled. They have had clearance bins in the front of the store. I have been stopping in every few days to see what they have. My favorite item I got was 6 jars of wet walnuts for ice cream sundaes. They are my favorite but usually cost over $3 each so I only get them as gifts. I paid 67¢ each. You can see all of the specials I got this week here:

    1. Making Cents of It All, I go for the clearance bins too!

  2. I added 2 small bags of mashed potatoes, a bag of sugar, and 2 cans of tuna..went over $5 by just a few cents tho.

    1. Uphill Homestead, that's a lot for just a few cents over $5! Way to shop!

  3. We paid d 2.29 for twelve rolls of paper towels at Lidl. These are the kind that get used oi the garage, etc.

    1. Lana, that's a great price! You did good!


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