Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Down Memory Lane ...

Today, I have a different kind of post … I hope you enjoy it.

The last time I visited my sister she took me to one of the places we lived when we were small children growing up.

We talked and reminisced and walked around the house and yard we used to live in, now empty and grown up, laughing and recalling childhood memories.

Then I saw it, a little red building sitting all alone in the back yard and for a moment time stood still.  My sister asked me if I remembered it, if I remembered our daddy building it and the memories came flooding back.

It was a smokehouse that daddy had built to cure meat from hogs we killed each winter. (In my mind I could visualize it full of hanging meat being smoked and then later salted down.) We walked up to it and as my hand reached out to touch it, I could almost see my daddy working on it.  We opened the door and looked inside and still intact was every little detail that daddy and built into it.  Time stood still and all I could think of was that here was something that my daddy had touched and built with his hands and I was touching it all these years after his passing.

I don't know how to express what this little red building represents to me, it's a link to the past and a link to my daddy.  My daddy was a carpenter by trade and I didn't think there was anything left that he had built.  Imagine my delight when I realized there was!

I intend to have this picture framed along with what I remember about it.  Someday, when my grandchildren ask me about it, it'll all be there.  It will be a piece of their heritage that hopefully will be special to them.  It surely is special to me!

Do you have special memories of your heritage?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. What a fun memory. I can't say that I enjoy going back to the place where I grew up but I do enjoy going back to the area....I live 1000 miles away from there now.

    I have a framed drone photograph of the church & graveyard where my parents, grandparents, ect are buried. The road in front curves & a little creek runs by the church under the road. By the road is an old covered bridge that is a historical site now. I love looking at this picture. I have so many sweet memories of cleaning the graves, summer picnics & playing in the old bridge. My grandparents farm was just over the mountain in the picture.

    1. Jenny, I can just visualize the scene you're describing in my mind, it sounds like you have some wonderful memories that go along with the picture.

  2. Patsy, you remind me of me!! I may be pushing 71, but my Dad will ALWAYS be my "Daddy"!! He left this earth in Aug., 1972 and I still miss him! All I have left is "memories" now. My old home building in Chicago and my Grandmother's home in Illinois are either gone or completely redone and unrecognizable. Xometimes, I don't do too well with "progress"!!

    1. Kris, I understand about progress being too progressive sometimes!!!


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