Monday, April 22, 2019

Gardening Journal 2019: Landscaping with Herbs and Flowers, Part 1

In this post I shared that we garden by grouping, meaning that we group several things together in close proximity to each other.  We do this not only to get the most use out of our acreage but also for convenience, which cuts down on the amount of work we have to do.  (As we get older, we're trying to garden smarter, not harder!)

In this post I want to share another type of garden grouping we do, landscape gardening with herbs and flowers.  Take a look at this picture and then we'll talk …

This is one corner of one portion of the area on either side of our front porch steps.   In the tall pot behind the old banged up wash tub of hostas', are nettles.  That spot gets shade so it's the perfect location for my pot of nettles (these are not the only nettles we are growing). To the right of the nettles is a pot of lemon balm (I was working with another pot of lemon balm this morning and the smell when I touched the plants was just so delightful!), on the old cedar tree block (cut from a downed tree on our property several years ago) is my rooster rain gage that my husband bolted down for me.  To the right of the cedar tree block is a pot of the herb Saint John's Wart.  In the background and behind everything is forsythia.

This picture is in the same area, just a feet inches further over.  The tall pot in the center is more lemon balm, the yellow pot to the left is spearmint, the black pot in the center is more thyme (I have thyme planted else where too.) and the pink pot contains peppermint, all of which are just starting to come up.  The rose bush to the left is an old variety that produces rosehips.  I don't know what kind it is as I took a cutting off the mother bush in a different location (it was here when we moved here) and started it in this spot.

A pic of the area overall … at the top of the big round post on the left is our old fashioned cast iron dinner bell and the little tree in front of the pot of St John's Wart is a Japanese Maple.

(Here's another view that includes our old farm bell.)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what you can do with a little landscaping, herbs and flowers!  In another post, I'll share what the area on the other side of the front porch steps looks like … I'm still working on it but it will have a similar theme, herbs, flowers and well, you'll just have to wait and see!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. I keep moving to planting more herbs than flowers in my flower beds. The deer eat fewer herbs & keep most of my perennials eaten to the ground.

  2. I have tried landscaping with herbs and they took over so bad, I am still finding patches of lemon balm from 10 years ago! :)

    1. Out My Window, that's why I plant them in pots!!!

  3. Here on Florida, my parents across the street neighbors have two huge beds of pineapples. They just look like lots of tropical plants which they are since they are a bromeliad. There are tiny pineapples on most of the plants. Mom said last year they harvested 37 pineapples!

    1. Lana, I plan to grow pineapples in my greenhouse!

    2. A man once told me that you can feed each plant a whole red delicious apple each spring and that is all the fertilizer they need. He had about 20 pots that he overwintered in his hatshe.

    3. Lana, that is quite interesting!

  4. Oh, you actually do grow nettles? I have always thought they'll grow anywhere even if you don't want them... (yes, I live in the middle of nowhere and wild plants are abundant in my yard/garden/veg plot).
    We still haven't completely gotten rid of snow yet, your pictures are like mid summer in my garden! We don't have leaves on trees yet, also grass is still grey and brown instead of green... But mint - yes, you have to grow that on containers or it'll take over everything like triffids.

    1. Ulvmor, I do grow nettles and no, they do not grow everywhere or at least not everywhere here. You sound like you're still in the winter season!


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