Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Gardening Journal 2019: A Peak at My Garden

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and this is one of those times …

We are knee-deep in planting and harvesting … yes, harvesting!

Before I share with you what we're harvesting, let me give you a tour of this section of our garden.  The focus of the picture are our tractor tire raised beds.  There are 6 of them, starting in the lower left corner (you only see part of the tire) I have turmeric planted.  It's not up yet but I'm watching it closely for any sign of turmeric life!  The next tire holds asparagus (we've just begun to harvest it, new shoots pop through daily).  Some of it sorta of got away from us and ferned out, oh well!  The next tire holds horseradish.  It is literally filling the entire tire/bed!  Directly across from the horseradish is Inchecium garlic (this garlic reportedly has high medicinal properties).  It's neighbor is elephant garlic that I got from my mom.  It is huge!!! The last tire (the one you do not see) has ginger in it.  It hasn't come up yet either, but it shouldn't be much longer before it does.

That takes care of our tractor tire raised beds, right next to them is our chicken coop.  We wanted our garden spaces close to the chicken coop/run so that it would be easier to feed the overgrown harvest to the chickens.  Not to mention, it also means we don't have as far to carry the chicken poo when it's time to add it to the soil each year!

At the end of the chicken coop and around the back side are raspberry canes, they absolutely thrive in this location!

In front of our chicken coop/run is our row garden.  You can see our potatoes.  We planted Kennebec and fingerling potatoes this year.  Since this picture was taken, I've planted 20 Amelia tomato plants.  This is our first year to grow the Amelia variety, it was created for the southeastern part of the United States because of the unique diseases of the soil found here.

Next to the row garden you get a glimpse of our greenhouse.  I love having everything grouped together like this, it makes gardening easier.

This is not all of our garden, we still have other areas that are grouped together in a similar way in different areas of our property.  I'll share those in future posts.

Oh yes, I was going to show you what we're harvesting!  We are harvesting …

… radishes, spring onions and not shown chives and lettuce.  

These were grown in my container garden, which is part of a future garden tour post.

I hope you've enjoyed the first part of my garden tour, I'll get part 2 posted in a few days!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. I always love to see your gardens! Those tires make nice raised beds. I have one of the 2 raised beds I'm working on done, and my husband has completed a compost frame. Of course, I've been making perfectly good compost since we moved here in a pile, but I am super excited to have a place to contain it again, as I did at our last house.

    1. Becky, we have 2 compost bins and my goal is to have each of them full by the end of our growing season each. Compost is like free fertilizer!

  2. I still have a while until anything is harvested. Looks great. Enjoy.

    1. Making Cents Of It All, we are planting our summer garden this week. We are quite a bit ahead of your area weather wise. We have to work around our hot and humid summers!


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