Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Gardening Journal 2019: Those Rascally Rabbits!

We have an abundance of rabbits in our area, I mean way more than there should be and they love our garden. They devoured my spinach and kale and collards last fall and didn't leave me even one morsel!  It was war!

This year we've been really intentional in learning how to stay one step ahead of them.  At the moment, we're winning the battle, here's what we've done so far …

Hubby added chicken wire to tomato cages he is making.  This keeps the rabbits from getting to the plants inside the cage!  These cages, made out of concrete reinforcing wire, will last for many years and can be used when we plant collards in the fall as well as other things that need protection from rabbits.  Once the plants are big enough that the rabbits won't bother them, we'll lift the cages up and off.

Here we have cabbage growing under the frame my husband built for the purpose of keeping the rabbits out of this specific raised bed.  As you can tell, it's working beautifully! 
 (We are growing 30 heads of cabbage in this raised bed.)

These are a couple of things we're doing to stay ahead of rabbits eating our garden, do you have any tips?

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  1. We have a lot of rabbits. If they are beyond our garden we leave them alone but if they are coming into the garden we shoot them. End of problem. I dont understand why you are not eating them? Or selling them? Otherwise bury them as they make good garden fertiliser. Dad taught me that he said bury each one and something will grow like a wonder there. So essentially we have no problem with them despite there being a lot here in the country. Turn them into an asset I say!

    1. Annabel, hubby would have to stand watch 24/7 to stay ahead of them. As soon as our back is turned they sneak in and devour a lot of things in the garden.

  2. With us it is squirrels but I finally found a deterrent after searching for 20 years. They hate the smell of orange peels so I just put a few pieces on every pot. They are so stupid that putting out the peels once in the Spring deters them until fall.

    1. Lana, we have squirrels too, going to get me some oranges!

  3. Patsy, thank you so much for putting the time into this wonderful blog! I have been a daily reader, lurking around for quite some time, and should have taken the time to comment sooner. I am much inspired by your writing. God bless you!

    1. Rochelle, thank you so much for such an encouraging comment! You have made my day!


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