Friday, April 12, 2019

So, You Think Your're Prepared: Week 3, Day 5

Week 3, Day 5
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It’s time to recap the week by sharing something you learned or had brought to your attention that you hadn’t previously thought about.
What is something that you’ve learned about your preparedness this week?
Have you added anything to your ‘preparedness to-do’ list?
What have you learned thus far?
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. This week I have decided that we need to have definite plans A, B & C in place. We have talked about these things with our boys and what they should do and what we should do but that is as far as it has gone. It needs to be a more concrete plan and be ready to be implemented if needed. Thanks again Patsy for making us think. Paula

    1. Paula, that is a very good idea, in a disaster situation it's much easier to follow a well thought out plan than to try to pull one together in the middle of a crisis.

  2. Patsy thank you I have learned a lot too from this course and also from reading others posts and ideas as well :).

    I have been asking of late a few questions from locals who have been here for ages such as which parts and roads flood and which is the best route out to get to facilities. Local knowledge from others is invaluable too. Although our area doesn't get totally cut off in floods it is still good to know where the safe high public area meeting spots are (from what we hear our block is high and dry), that we have a weather siren here in town etc.

    I also agree with Paula on having multiple emergency plans and practicing them as a family so if something like this happens everyone knows what to do and doesn't panic.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Lorna, knowing your area is invaluable in a disaster situation. You are wise to do your research before the info is needed.

  3. Having a bag ready to go has been worth the hassle of putting it together. I am hoping we were able to take the little dog with us. Her coat, a container of food and a bowl were packed in the ready bag. We have our documents for household insurances as well as other identification items. We have been able to move to family where we and our little dog are welcome. Time to breath and try not to fret.

    1. Jane, a go-bag is a hassle to put together, but when needed it is a life saver to have it!

  4. As I was thinking about how to add more water to our storage here in earthquake country it dawned on me that if the quake didn't destroy the house then we have 50 gal of water in the water heater that could be used if we didn't let new potentially contaminated water enter the tank. I had my husband show me how to shut of the water coming into the tank and we discussed the best way to get water out in small quantities. I feel so much better about our water situation now.

  5. Juhli, yes, the hot water tank is an often forgotten source of water. Smart thinking!


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