Friday, May 17, 2019

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: 5/18/219

It's time to share how we're building our pantries with $5 or less. 

Remember this $5 is not part of the weekly groceries budget. It is set aside to be used just for stocking up in any area of our pantries.   

Here's what I added to my pantry this week ...

Since we weren't able to grow green peas this spring, I took advantage of a sale at Walmart … each can was $.38!  I purchased 12 cans for a cost of $4.56.  

Our preference is peas grown in our garden, but when that doesn't work out, you do the next best thing!

What did you add to your pantry this week with your $5 allotment?

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  1. Hi Patsy and well done on the tins of peas they are a great price :).

    We didn't see any bargains on things we needed to stock up on grocery wise this week so we will keep our $40 for the month until we find some good sales.

    Not grocery related but we did pick up -
    - 3/4's of a cubic metre of cow manure free from a friends farm.
    - We also sourced from a couple of doors up free horse manure which we can also pick up for amending our garden soils for our garden beds.
    - Our neighbour who is moving gave us 4 potted dwarf apple trees from her gardens she grew from seed. This will supply us with some lovely apples when they fruit.

    We are loving living in a country area where we can pick up free manure from lots of places for our gardens from neighbouring farms.

    Have a fantastic week ahead.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Lorna, Yeah on the cow manure and horse manure!!! Four potted dwarf apple trees … you really have had a great week!!!

  2. I picked up 10 tins of mushroom for $1 each 5 in the pantry and 5 in the stockpile. Getting harder to find cheap deals as its mostly chocolates and soft drinks on special. I will be stocking up on Jarah coffee when i get to Safeway its my one luxury in life. Leanne

    1. Leanne, it's getting harder in our area to find good deals that are not junk food too, but we keep trying!

  3. Great buy on the peas! I was thinking about this challenge when I was at the store and looking to get one can of peaches. They were 4 for $5 so that is what I got instead. My stockpile is mostly for earthquake preparedness for 2 people so not as large as some and we live in a city with no gardening space.

    1. Juhli, we all have different reasons for the level of preparedness we choose and we work with what we've got. We do what we can with what we've got where we're at, don't we? Good choice on the peaches!

  4. I bought 3 packages of spaghetti on clearance for $0.64 each and a container of bread crumbs for $1.25 to add to my pantry stock. I'm aware I could make my own bread crumbs, but we were out and I just don't have the time right at the moment. That's a grand total of $3.20 for my pantry restock this week.

    1. Rhonda, I've been known to do the same thing as you did with the bread crumbs! I call it plan B!

  5. That is a great price. I would have gotten them too.


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