Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Potatoes, Cabbage, Garlic and Green Onions!

Every morning, lately, when I do my garden walk-through, I'm finding more and more things that are ready for harvesting or are nearing harvest.  Take a look at what we've been harvesting the past few days …

Fingerling potatoes!  I am so excited about these, this is my first year to grow them and they did great!  These were grown in a pot in my container garden … yes, they were!!!  I also have some planted in our row garden.   When we get them all harvested I plan to can them … after we eat our fill of course.  Due to our hot and humid weather, they don't store well so we have to preserve them in other ways.   (See our sandy soil!)

Garlic, I have two tractor tires dedicated to growing garlic and this is from one of them.  I was very pleased with the harvest!  As soon as they've cured a bit, I'll start preserving them.  I'd love to just be able to braid and hang them, but the heat and humidity would soon rot them.  (Our greenhouse makes a great dehydrator!  I only left the garlic in there for a couple of days though before moving it to a cooler area.  I didn't want to dry them out completely.)

Update 5/15/2019:  I've been asked how I plan to preserve my garlic.  Here are a couple of previous posts I've done on how I preserve garlic …

My Garlic Harvest and What I'm Doing With It

Dehydrating Garlic

These green onions were grown in pots in our container garden too!  I still have one full pot and half of another to harvest, chop and freeze into 1/4 cup increments … of course, we'll eat our fill of them along the way!

We also harvested our first red potatoes, in fact, since this photo was taken we've harvested close to this amount again.  We'll start harvesting for preserving in a few more days.

The cabbage we're growing in a raised bed are forming heads so it won't be long until we're harvesting cabbage!

All of our gardening hard work is beginning to pay off!

What about you, are you harvesting anything from your gardens yet?

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  1. H, I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and I love it !

    I was wondering if you will be posting about how to preserve your garlic ?

    I am growing some myself and would be really interested in how to do it.

    Kindest regards Lu ( From England )

    1. Lu, I updated the post and added a couple of links to posts that I've done on how I preserve garlic. I hope they are helpful! Thank you for your encouraging words!

  2. Not yet. All I have planted outside is my peas and kale. It is still too cold for everything else. Enjoy all of the food.

    1. Making Cents Of It All, we are, fresh from the garden produce is so good!

  3. Your gardens and the produce you already harvested are amazing. I am quietly envious (in a happy way) as here in Maine, it is still so chilly. Nothing is planted yet and tomatoes are hiding in my little greenhouse. The chicks are out in their pen and even though I tell them it's going to get warmer, they don't believe me. In fact, I think I heard one of them call me a liar.....

    1. LOL, I love your comment! Our garden will be baking in the heat and humidity when you're working and harvesting in yours. Your time will come and just remind those baby chicks that you're older and wiser and they best not be getting cheeky with you!!!!

  4. I love fingerling potatoes, they are one of my favorite varieties.

    1. Out My Window, this is my first year to grow them, I'm hoping that this 'test dig' is a good representation of what's to come!

  5. Everything looks wonderful! We are late getting going this year because of the weather and then thinking we were moving.

    1. Lana, you've had an eventful few weeks for sure and the weather has been most uncooperative this year! Lots of people are dealing with weather issues as far as gardening goes.


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