Thursday, July 11, 2019

Teaching Little Girls to Sew: part 2

My little student had her 3rd sewing machine lesson today.  She is so very excited to be learning, her excitement is contagious!

Part 1 can be found HERE!

Keep reading for part 2 …

After reviewing the safety rules we talked about last week, I had her repeat to me the different parts of the machine and then I showed her how to thread the machine and change the bobbin.  She took it all in stride and was eager to get started.

In this picture she is sewing her strips together with a straight stitch.  We talked about the importance of following the edge of the fabric with the foot on the machine and the importance of keeping the fabric pieces aligned with each other.  She wavered a little a couple of times but all in all, she did very well.

Here are all the strips stitched together and yes, she stitched everyone of them using the sewing machine by herself.  We needed a backing for her doll quilt so we went to my fabric stash.  She commented that I had a lot of fabric and I took the opportunity to share with her about buying fabric on sale or clearance and about how to build up a stash of fabric the frugal way.  

As you can see she chose Peppa Pig fabric for the background, she was so excited to find it in my stash!  We layered the doll blanket top, batting and the backing and then I showed her how to pin it all together.  She was a little unsure about the pins, she was afraid of getting stuck by one,  but took her time and got it done.  Next week she will start 'quilting' it all together using a simple straight stitch on the sewing machine.

Her eagerness to learn, her excitement and her current love of sewing is making the teaching of this little girl, quite an enjoyable experience!

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  1. Way to go for both her and you! Nancy

  2. Dear Patsi,
    Your blog is so interesting and encouraging. I enjoy it a lot.
    It is so good that you are teaching this young girl how to sew.
    I am looking forward to the Bible lessons on Naomi.
    Thank you for all you do......
    Mrs. N

    1. Mrs. N, thank you, your encouragement is appreciated so very much.

  3. Patsy, she is doing so very well. It is so good to see children learning how to sew. I hope my grandchildren don't forget how to use the sewing machine I bought them years ago.

    1. Nanna Chel, this little girl told me she had told her mama that she wanted a sewing machine for Christmas. That will probably change when Christmas gets here though!!! Right now, we're having fun and she is enjoying learning, maybe a seed is being planted that will develop into a skill she can use for the rest of her life.

  4. This is so fun to watch. I remember how amazing it was to see how to fill up the bobbin but it was awhile before Mom let me do that! You are sowing seeds that will last her a lifetime.

    1. Lana, yes, there are some things I won't allow her to do yet but have explained to her that as she progresses those things will come. She is quite intrigued with the sewing machine!

  5. How wonderful. I have often thought about teaching a sewing workshop, but I just don't have time.

    1. Out My Window, maybe someday it will fit into your schedule!


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