Sunday, July 21, 2019

Weekly Goals: 7/21/2019

It’s the beginning of a new week and time for our Just One Goal check-in … 
What was your 'one' goal for last week?  
Did you meet it? Tell us if you did or didn't, we get encouragement both ways.
What is your 'one' goal for this week? 
Last week my 'just one' goal was to preserve the 25 lb bag of flour I had purchased a while back …. and I got it done!!!  You can read about it HERE!

My just one goal for next week is to can some cheap steaks we purchased a while back for the purpose of grilling that are too tough to eat.  I'll cut them into pieces and pressure can them, they'll be great for stew beef!  I call this taking lemons and making lemonade!!!  I also call this waste not, want not!
What about you, how did you do with your 'just one' goal?
What is your 'just one' goal for this week? 
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  1. My goal last week was to process 4 buckets of saskatoons, 3 buckets of sour cherries and 1 1/2 buckets if blueberries. Made 8 jars of cherry jam, 2 cherry loaves, and froze the rest to process later. My goal this coming week is to process 40lbs of cucumbers into dill pickles, relish and maybe one other thing. This goal may change to the following week if the cukes aren't ready. In that case I will see about picking yellow and green beans Cheers

    1. Glorious Needlework and life, you have been busy and are going to be busy!!! You go girl!!! The cherry loaves you mentioned, is that bread?

  2. Patsy well done on getting your flour preserved.

    We didn't meet our goal of setting up the drip irrigation systems to the beds. Instead we got sidetracked and moved and stacked the 10 - 14' ironbark posts out of the lean-to shed and into cover, split firewood and re-rolled rolls of heavy duty chicken wire to fit on the shed shelves. It is much tidier now and we have room for stocking much more winter firewood in the lean-to shed now.

    We will continue on last week's setting up the water to all the garden beds drip irrigation systems this week.

    Have a great week everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Lorna, Having things tidy makes working in an area so much easier! We have plans to build a wood shed this fall for our wood and then fill it before winter weather gets here!!! It's just too hot to do anything strenuous outside now, so we're waiting for the weather to cool down some!

  3. Ah, great idea for the tough steak!

    In the last two weeks I got another dozen napkins hemmed and no peaches canned. I haven't found a good source. This is the third year in a row of peaches not worth canning. I don't want to invest the time on questionable peaches. Goal for the next two weeks is rest and quality time with Hubby at our beloved lake.

    1. Lana, we haven't even looked for peaches this year as we canned enough last year for 2 years. I would not want to invest the time in questionable peaches either, that's a lot of work for something that may or may not be a good end product! Enjoy your new goal … it sounds like a pretty good one to me!!!

    2. Not sure where you're located. From what I've heard, much of the SW Michigan peach crop was severely damaged during the Polar Vortex. Michigan peaches (at least in my area) are few and far between this year. If I can find any, they are very expensive, higher than I've ever seen. No peaches or peach jam for my pantry this year. -- Lori K

    3. Lori, I hadn't heard that about peaches but know that other crops have experienced the same thing.

  4. I was not aware of this flour canning method. Thanks! I may try it sometime

    1. Rhonda, it's another skill to have in your arsenal of skills in case you ever need it.


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