Sunday, September 15, 2019

Weekly Goals: 9/15/2019

It’s the beginning of a new week and time for our Just One Goal check-in … 
What was your 'one' goal for last week?  
Did you meet it? Tell us if you did or didn't, we get encouragement both ways.
What is your 'one' goal for this week? 
Last time my goal was to preserve apples and I did it … only I didn't get them all done!  I dried some and made applesauce out of some.

dried apples ...

…  and applesauce!
I still have more apples to do so my goal for next week is to make up apple pies and freeze them and dehydrate some more apple slices.
What about you, how did you do with your 'just one' goal?
What is your 'just one' goal for this week? 
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I currently have a list of things I need to preserve for my pantry. It's quite long and included things like make lots of jam (from the fruit in my freezer)for canning, soak and can black beans and chick peas, try making canned baked beans from dry navy beans in my pantry, make and can applesauce (we just bought 2 bushels today) plus make apples pies & apple crisp for the freezer, and drhydrate the hand full of jalapenos that actually grew in the garden this year. We need to defrost both freezers, one of which is in our garage, so it must be done while the weather is still warm outside. The garden needs to be cleaned up, and dry seed pods collected for planting next year. I also need to sort through my clothing, purge what I don't want to keep and pack away the summer items, since the weather has definitely turned to fall temperatures. The there is the list of things my mom wants help with, like taking the area rugs out on the deck, steam clean them and let them dry before bringing them back in (again, must be done while the weather is warm). Last week I was able to check 2 items off the list. So my goal this week is to continue to cross more items off this many as I can.

    1. Rhonda, your list is going to keep you busy for sure but the end results will be most rewarding!

  2. I needed to chop and freeze all of my hot peppers from the garden. I did it. There are still so many on the plants so I will need to do it again next week.

    1. Making Cents of It All, I still have peppers to preserve as well, they just keep bearing!

  3. Hem a new pair of pants. I really hate this job but if I want to wear them they must be hemmed!

    1. Lana, hemming is one of my least favorite things to do too!

  4. My goal this week was making apple pie filling and I managed to get it done. Next week it will be dehydrating herbs, and doing something with all the banana peppers.

    God bless.

    1. Jackie, I want to make some apple pie filling too and like you, I have banana peppers to do something with!!!

  5. Hi Patsy and hope your week has been good I see you have been very productive as usual :).

    My goal for this week is to plant some carrot, peas and turnip seeds in the gardens.

    I didn't have a goal for last week however.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Lorna, This is a busy time of the year that for us involves cleaning out the summer garden and planting the fall garden. It's still too hot for us to plant some of our fall garden yet but we are getting ready for when the weather cools up a bit.


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