Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Ways of My Household: 10/8/2019

(My birdhouse gourds are still growing!)

The extreme heat has finally broken in our area and we are starting to enjoy some fall temperatures.  It feels so good to be able to be outside without fighting the heat and humidity that had become our constant companion.

Here are some things I've been up too ...

Our fall garden is in full swing and growing quite well.  Our fall plantings include collards, beets, spinach, lettuce, mixed greens, and radishes.

We're hoping to be able to grow several things in the greenhouse this year that will allow us to have fresh veggies throughout the winter.  We've done a lot of experimenting and changing the way we garden this year and this winter is a continuation of that, only we'll be experimenting with growing in the greenhouse instead of outside.   We plan to try to grow tomatoes, herbs and cucumbers.  Of course, our citrus trees and bay leaf tree will be growing in the greenhouse too!

We've been working on building a wood shed to house our winter's wood.  I've written about it HERE and HERE.  We're not finished yet, but we're getting close!  

A friend shared with me that a local grocery store had bacon, chicken, ground beef and polish sausage on sale so off hubby and I went to check it out.  She wasn't kidding, they were having a really good sale, it was their 74th anniversary.  Hubby and I purchased Jimmy Dean bacon (1 lb packages) for $1.99/lb and 73/27 ground beef on sale for $1.99/lb.  We purchased as much as our budget would allow and brought it home and added it to the freezer part of our pantry.  I, in turn, texted another friend to let her know and she was going to check it out too.  I'm thankful to be a part of a network of friends who look out for sales and bargains to share with each other.

I harvested peppers this week!

I'm still dehydrating apples!

I still have sweet potatoes to can but other than that I'm just about finished with canning this year's harvest … until the collards and beets get ready to preserve.  I also plan to dehydrate any greens/mixed greens we don't eat from what we're growing and turn them into a powder for mixing with other dishes.  I need to can some more pinto beans too … okay, so maybe I'm not through canning!!!

We have 3 more outside projects we want to complete before the end of the year so I'm really wanting to start setting outside one day per week and do as much of the cooking for that week as I can.  This will free me up to have more time to help with the outside projects.  The goal is to have the week's menu either ready to open jars and heat and eat or have freezer meals ready to cook and eat.

I'm getting ready to do a big 'fall' clean as hubby will be tied up with another project for a couple of weeks (one that I can't help with) so, I'm going to use that time to deep clean my house!!  Now that we're having cooler weather, I can open the doors and windows and give the house a good airing while I'm at it!

We are spending very little at the grocery store as our pantry is full.  Having a full pantry allowed us to take unspent grocery money and bulk purchase the bacon and ground beef mentioned above.

This Friday, October 11th, is our sale day over at my little cottage industry, Pillowcases by Patsi.  You have to be a part of that group in order to get the sale price.  I'm starting to add Christmas pillowcases to my inventory!  You can join the group HERE.

My husband had another flare-up of heal-spurs and we used the same treatment using essential oils and Epsom salt soaks as we did the last time he had a flare up and it worked again!  If you're interested in knowing what we did, let me know in the comments and I'll do a separate post.

Here's the link to my MeWe page/group page (Patsi @ A Working Pantry) if you'd like to join.  This is the place where all future classes that I teach will take place and a place where we can discuss the things that I post here in a more private setting.

I'm getting ready to start posting my next series … What I Do to Get Ready for Winter Colds and Flu's!  Be watching for the first post in that series!

Lesson 6 in my Bible study for women (that I'm writing) titled Naomi's Choices has been posted and lesson 7 is scheduled to post soon.  You can find all the lessons that are available HERE.

A couple of meals from my pantry we enjoyed this week ...

(1)  Made from scratch meat patties in cream of mushroom soup (the ground beef was purchased in bulk, the chopped mushrooms I added to the cream of mushroom soup were home-canned and the cream of mushroom soup came from my pantry), rice from my freezer that I cooked a couple of weeks ago and froze and beets that I canned several weeks ago.

(2)  Kielbasa sausage, made from scratch mashed potatoes and pinto beans (home-canned)

That’s it for this edition of The Ways of My Household, what did you do this week to save, live frugally, build up your pantry or 'look well to the ways of your household?'

A Working Pantry
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Patsy you are so blessed to have a network of friends that let you know about good specials. We were like that in our previous home and texted one another to let others know of good specials. Now that I have moved into a new area we are discovering our own special cycles in different stores. The firewood shed will come in really handy and using the concrete slab already there is genius :) .

    I had prayed about finding specials on meat and each time I said I needed X there it popped up either as a super good special or clearance. Like you we stocked up our meat freezer as much as we could according to our budget. Likewise we will not need to buy many groceries at all next week for our monthly shop.

    Our vegetable gardens are doing well with corn, beans, silverbeet, beetroot and potatoes sprouting well. The 50% shade cloth we put over the top of the garden beds works well and the vegetables are thriving. We had temperatures of 35 - 38 oc and the plants are still really happy :).

    Our savings last week added up to $1168.99 :).

    Earnings -
    - DH earned $90 less fuel and sprays for gardening and spraying jobs he did.

    Blessings -
    - The local RSL club was giving away bottled water from a organisation that creates veterans resorts to help our drought affected people in our country town. We waited until we knew that those who were low on water got theirs in sufficient quantities and bought home 2 x 20 x 600ml bottles of spring water for our stockpile saving $26 over buying them.

    Listings/Finances and purchases -
    - Listed 25 items on a free listing and reduced final value auction fee through eBay saving $41.25 over paying usual listing fees.
    - Paid an additional payment off our mortgage.
    - Deposited more into our 3 month living expenses emergency fund and we are almost half way there. We figure this will give us further peace of mind and security whilst paying off our mortgage and beyond.
    - Got slivered almonds and a 420g tin of peaches in juice as free samples for being a taste tester for a large supermarket saving $6 over purchasing them.
    - Found lamb mince at just over half price on clearance in Woolworths for $8.13 kg (instead of $15 kg) and purchased 2 kg saving $13.74 on usual prices.
    - Our recliners finally caved in so we had been saving for new ones and found them under half the price of others elsewhere saving $1082 on usual prices.

    In the gardens -
    - Used rainwater from a tank we put at the back of our tank stand shed to water potted herbs and fill up water for the kangaroos and wallabies so they have something to drink saving on town water usage. We have more to use for the coming days.
    - Used cleanish dish rinsing water to water decorative flowers in one garden.
    - Used grey water from the grey water tank to water fruit and berry trees and some of our back lawns and star jasmine bushes.
    - Used shower warm up water to fill hand washing water bottles and to clean the bathrooms and toilets with.
    - We continue to feed the kangaroos and wallabies our bread ends and any apple cores we have to supplement feed them. We now have more rednecks and 1 Mum with a baby in her pouch coming regularly for the water and food we put out.

    We could really use so much more rain here to fill house water tanks, green up the grass and give the kangaroos and wallabies some more grass to eat and water in the creek for them to drink.

    Have a fantastic week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Lorna, you amaze me with all you do and the ways you save!

  2. Hi Patsy! Love reading about all you’re up to. I would love information on the heal spurs and I’m also wondering if you have a soak or soothing remedy for swollen feet and ankles?

    1. altot, I'm not sure what to do for the swollen feet and ankles, I really think it would depend on the cause. We don't have a problem with swollen feet and ankles so I haven't researched anything about how to treat the condition.

    2. Swollen feet and ankles often indicate struggling kidneys. A drop of lemon essential oil on each kidney at bedtime would be the help for that.

  3. I would be interested in how you treat your husbands's heel-spurs. I think that is what my husband has problems with. It hasn't ever been diagnosed. Right now he is using an infrared and near infrared light and that is making a difference but I would like more options.

  4. Patsy, I would love to know how you are helping your husband with heel spurs. My husband is suffering from them as well. He even finally went to the podiatrist to see if there anything that could be done and was told there was nothing to do. Just apply ice and do some foot stretches.

  5. That was a great price for bacon! I buy at that price and somehow we always have it in the freezer. I am glad to hear that the heal spurs are responding to the treatment.

    Every Sunday we have about 12 sheets of paper printed on one side that we carry out of church. We bring those home and put them in the printer to print coupons on the back side. Long story but we are the only ones that have all this paper going out the door.

    Today I am going to get the apples peeled and frozen for pies and crisps later on. Lidl had McIntosh apples for .49 a pound this morning so we picked up 6 pounds to add some variety to what we already have.

    Our fall lettuce is up and doing well. We may not have enough warm days left to harvest any but we will see. We are still picking a very few grape tomatoes.

    Last weekend we traveled to our oldest son's house. On the way our change battery light came on so we went to the closest auto parts store to have it checked. We did need a new one. There was a $15 rebate so we have sent that in. We stayed at our son's in-laws house three doors down the street so no hotel costs. (Hubby has to have a get away place for his brain injury.) The in-laws were out of town so that worked out well. We went to Sam's with the kids and picked up some Contigo water bottles on clearance. They are on the shelf for when they are needed so I added to my pantry!

    On Monday while I was prepping food for supper I did the prep for today, too. I like to have a couple of prep days each week, too. It really saves time. I really like to cook some extra potatoes anytime I am making them for a meal. We don't like canned potatoes so this is how I save time on that.

    Today we picked up 8 pounds of chicken tenderloins on sale for 1.49 a pound. We will repackage them for meals and freeze.

    We are enjoying this cooler weather! We have even had a few rain showers!

    1. Lana, you've been busy! I really want to start doing more food prep ahead of time as well as freezer meals. We are just so busy right now that finding time to cook is sometimes a challenge!


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