Thursday, November 21, 2019

We're Cutting Wood for Next Year!

Our temps were in the 60's today which was a perfect temperature to work on cutting up the downed tree we were given into firewood.  Here's the first load ...

Those big round pieces will have to be run through the splitter and then it will all have to be unloaded and stacked in our woodshed.

Once stacked in the woodshed it will sit and 'season' until fall/winter 2020/2021 which is when we'll start to use it.  It's too 'green' now to burn very well, hence the reason we let it 'season.'

We'll work on the downed tree as weather permits until we get it all done.   We're looking ahead and preparing for next years heating needs while we have the opportunity!

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  1. That new wood shed be beautiful when it is full!

  2. Well done Patsy and free firewood is always the best where you can find it :).

    We are currently cutting and stacking our firewood lean-to shed too and been cutting already downed ironbark from our back boundary and some more firewood from a friends property that will likely be seasoned for the following winter too.

    Keep up the great work :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Lorna, Yes, free is always best! Sounds like you all are busy too, but what a satisfying busy it is!

  3. Frugalwoods now has 3 yrs worth and that exhausted me just thinking of it. Amish neighbor just told us that they have the wood seasoned but he didn't split it yet and his wife ran out at Bfast. He had to stop bringing in beans to cut wood LOL.

    1. Chef Owings, Oh my, I bet that amish man wishes he hadn't left it until it was needed! Good for you for having 3 years worth, what a profitable way to get ahead!

  4. Good for you! One thing we gave up when we moved to town was a wood stove or fire place. I miss it. Blessings, Laura of Harvest Lane


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