Friday, December 13, 2019

Christmas Holidays: 12/13/2019

(Picture:  a spot shot from our Christmas tree … this is about as close to snow as it gets in our area!)

Everything that has to be mailed, cards and gifts, are in the mail!!!  Yeah!  We have a little 'goodie' cooking to do and a couple of small things to pull together, but other than those, we are finished preparing for the holidays.  We even have our Christmas menu planned and foods needed for it on hand … we are ready … and it feels so good!

One set of our grands got their 'grandma and grandpa' box today.  Their daddy called and we got to talk to the grands, they loved their goodies.  One of the things in the box was a Christmas hair tie for our granddaughter and our daughter-in-law sent us a picture of it in our granddaughter's hair.  She looked so cute with the hair tie in her hair … she loved it and we loved that she loved
it!  It gave us great joy pulling this box of goodies together and even more joy to hear and see the reactions from it's recipients!  It's the little things!

Today, it rained all day so I stayed in and worked on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, which is a part of my Christmas happenings.  Each year Bonnie does a mystery quit over the holidays sending out one clue per week until the project is complete.  Clue #3 came out today and I worked on it.  I don't have it finished but will continue to work on it all week with the goal of having it completed before clue #4 comes out next Friday.

We got several Christmas cards in the mail today and some of them came from you!!!  I love getting Christmas cards and some of you write such sweet notes of encouragement in them.  Thank you!

That's it for today, I hope you are enjoying your journey through the holidays as much as I am!


She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. It sounds like your grandchildren loved their special little gifts. Thank you for the link to your Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt clue - oh my, that will keep you quiet for a little while! I am going to be hand quilting the quilt I began in the summer at the quilting group I go to, then by tomorrow the quilting aids I ordered will have arrived and I can start to layer and spray in place the layers for my son's quilt for Christmas (just a simple one with an applique design he asked for). It's so good to make beautiful things.

    1. Bovey, Yes, it is good to make beautiful things and I know your son will be so happy that you have taken the time to make what he asked for. I hand quilt my quilts too!

  2. I love those grands pictures too!. We got to see pictures of ours in Germany decorating the Christmas tree along with our granddaughter wearing ornaments for earrings.

    1. Lana, I'm so glad that we have the technology that allows us to do that!


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