Saturday, January 25, 2020

Canning Collards, Sewing Plans and Open Windows

(Picture:  fresh from the canner collards!)

Today has been another beautiful day!  While I spent a little time outside the most of my day was spent inside doing inside stuff.  However, since I couldn't be outside and the weather was cooperating, I opened a couple of windows in the house.  It was so nice to feel the breeze flow through the house while I worked … my kind of day if you have to be inside!

I finished up with the collards I harvested yesterday and canned 7 quarts.  I love being able to place something in the spots where we have removed/used items from the pantry.  I had enough left over for 2 more quarts but since it wasn't a full canner I just froze them.

Our chickens gave us 6 eggs today … I guess all the 'greens' and little pep talk I gave them yesterday helped!!!

January and February are my main sewing months and I'm trying to make some sewing plans.  I need a robe, in fact I need two, a light weight one for the summer months and a heavier weight one for the winter months, so that's going on my list.  I want to stitch up some summer tops for me as well and then of course I'm trying to get ahead on Christmas 2020 by stitching up doll clothes and notebook covers.  These are some items that I really, really, really want to get done by the end of February.  (What happens at the of February, why do I want to have the bulk of my sewing done by then?   Gardening starts in earnest for our area and I'll be spending more time outside than in!) Do you set sewing goals?

While the collards were in the pressure canner processing I stitched up a couple of pillowcases.  My sewing area is in the dining room which is at the other end of the kitchen.  It makes it so convenient to keep an eye on what's cooking on the stove while sewing.  I used to think I wanted a sewing room but for the sake of getting in snips and bits of sewing time whenever I can, having it in the dining room is ideal!

Our high temp today was 59 degrees!

I hope you've had a great day!


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  1. I would never have thought to plan my sewing days to fall in with what is happening around me. This has me thinking now that I can do more sewing etc during the winter months, then from the beginning of spring I can concentrate on the garden, knowing that any important sewing has been done. Fantastic idea Patsy.

    I usually use the kitchen table for sewing, but at the moment I am preparing a room for craft and sewing etc. I think you are right about having your sewing machine set up in the dining room where you are near to the kitchen. Another good idea, that way when there is a spare moment, sit at the machine and sew!


    1. Tania, I've tried several different ways/things, but this allows me to get more sewing done!


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