Monday, January 6, 2020

Freezer Meals, Egg Shells and More Organizing!

January is the month that the organizing bug hits me and today I was at it again.  This time I worked on my sewing area some more … I'm almost finished!!!  (Organizing your sewing space is week #1's challenge in the 52-week sewing challenge I'm participating in.)

The two pink tubs on the top shelf house my works-in-progress.

The wire basket in the middle between the pink baskets holds thread, my tape measure and rotary cutter.

The next 3 shelves contain fabric.  

On the left side of the 4th shelf, in the small white basket are bobbin/thread holders.

The bottom shelf holds my scraps divided by size ... 

1 inch strips and 2 inch strips ...

2 and 1/2 inch strips ...

3 inch strips ...

2 1/2 inch squares ...

3 inch squares and 5 inch squares.

Now that this area is organized, I'm ready to do some serious sewing!  I have joined 3 sewing challenges:  (1) sew something for myself once a month (2) 52 - week sewing challenge and (3) sew something for an 18 inch doll once a month.  All three of these challenges are being done in different groups.  Yes, I am serious about sewing more this year!

While I was organizing my sewing area, hubby was in the kitchen cooking up a big batch of okra soup.  We had enough for dinner and 2 freezer meals.  From the pantry he used canned tomatoes, browned ground beef, frozen chopped onions and frozen cut okra.  We serve okra soup over cooked rice (the cooked rice also came from the freezer).  Having everything in the pantry and ready for use made putting this meal and freezer meals together easy.  Win!  Win!

When I finished organizing my sewing area, I noticed I had several dried egg shells that needed crushing.  I added them to the jar and used a wooden spoon to crush them up into small pieces.

This jar is holding a lot of egg shells!  I'll use the egg shells in the garden when planting tomatoes.

Our high today was 60 degrees!

Until the next time … 

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She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Do you wash the egg shells and allow to dry or? Just wondering if they smell. I’m going to try to help my dad a bit with his garden so I was thinking of saving our shells too!

    1. Lisa, yes, I wash the egg shells, actually I just spray them down with water really well, drain them and set them by the wood stove to dry.

  2. That closet just makes me happy and it's not even mine! I like the idea of adding shells to a jar and crushing them. I have a huge pot of meat sauce on tommorows schedule because we are out. I also want to try freezer cinnamon rolls. I will make them and flash freeze the unbaked rolls flat on a tray and then store in Ziploc. I love a well stocked freezer!

    1. Lana, it's not a closet, I only have 2 closets in my entire house, it's a book shelf! I'm using what I have or in other words, necessity is the mother of invention! Let me know how the freezer cinnamon rolls work, in theory it sounds like it should make some delicious cinnamon rolls!

  3. Love the way your fabric turned out I love when plans come together. We moved into an apartment and I have more closets than what I know what to do with, lucky me. I have a huge walk in closet so I have all my fabric hanging with homemade tags to say what yardage,drives my husband crazy but really he has such small amount of clothing. My sewing goal is to sew clothing for myself, I love dresses so I'll be sewing dresses until I run out of fabric or closet space whichever comes first.

    1. tealady, Closets are a wonderful thing, having an abundance is a blessing for sure. I want to sew more dresses for myself too, in fact I want to just sew more for me in general!

    2. I find that I could certainly use more skirts and dresses. While I don't think I have dress lengths on hand, I do think I could make a few skirts.
      Be blessed,
      Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    3. We have a house full of closets,too. I forget that most are not blessed with all these closets. I was able to buy three new everyday dresses for about ten dollars each in the fall from clearance racks. I cannot make them for that amount.

  4. Dear Patsi,
    Your sewing shelf looks so tidy. I cleaned up the loft a few weeks ago, as it had gotten out of hand with various projects and things that needed to be put into the attic (the attic door is in the loft and things just get tossed up there to deal with later). I intend to jump back into my Etsy shop this year and get serious with it. I have had to reevaluate my time and "extra" things that I have taken on, and the Etsy shop is here to stay and higher on the priority list. Anyway, I'm excited :)
    I need to start saving my eggshells, too. I saw a tutorial on Pinterest for making calcium powder from eggshells for adding to smoothies. When my hens start laying full force again, I'd like to try it.
    I hope you have a great 2020!
    Love, Kelsey

    P.S. Well done on your fall fabric bargain!

    1. Kelsey, sometimes we have to step back and reevaluate. I think that's something we have to do on a regular basis ... reevaluate ... or at least I do. Glad you are jumping back into your Etsy shop. Hmmm, I never thought about making calcium powder from eggshells for smoothies, I'll have to do some research. Thanks for the tip!

    2. Dear Kelsey,
      I'd love to know what your Etsy shop is. Be blessed,Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    3. Dear Laura,
      My Etsy shop is called Spring Creek Loft. I sell handmade stationery, gift tags, and other gift-giving items. Thank you so much for asking!
      With love, Kelsey

  5. Do the eggshells for the tomatoes help with calcium needs for the tomatoes, or keep the caterpillars away? Never heard of using crushed eggshells---I am a garden novice!

    1. lejmom, they help with the calcium needs. I add the crushed shells to the hole in the ground before planting the tomato plant in it.

  6. Do you ever feed eggshells to your chickens? I know that Bess did at one point when the chickens had thin shells...Just curious. I put my eggshells in my compost.

    1. Terri, yes, you can do that and yes, we have done that.


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