Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Greenhouse and New Fabric

We had more errands to run today and while out I stopped in at Hobby Lobby.  As is my normal routine, I headed to the clearance section of the fabric department.  Today, I found 2 different pieces that I liked:

There was 1 1/2 yards of the blue piece and 4 1/2 yards of the pink piece.  The clearance price was $3/yard with the regular price of one being $8.99/yard and the other $9.99/yard.  That's a $5 and $6 savings per yard!  I'll take it!

  I like to take pictures of the 'fabric info' on ends of bolts of fabric I purchase.  This helps me to be able to choose the right fabric to go with a pattern.  The blue piece will become a top for me and the pink/rose piece will become a dress for me!

Once back home, I headed out to the greenhouse:

Look at my Christmas cactus … it is so pretty!

Look at this cucumber!  This cucumber along with ...

this red tomato made a delicious salad today!

More tomatoes growing ...

and the pepper plants we were given last week are doing well.

I also harvested more calendula blooms and gathered another big bowl of greens for the chickens.  I enjoyed my time in the greenhouse and outside!

Our high temp was 62 degrees today!  

I hope you've had a great day!
Until the next time … 

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  1. Fabric bargains are the best. I too head straight for the fabric clearance section to see what treasures I can find. Happy sewing :)

    1. Anorina, thank you! Clearance shopping saves so much money!

  2. The greenhouse is looking great! Grocery store tomatoes have been almost inedible this winter so what a blessing to have them doing so well! Well done on the fabric clearance!

    I bought 8 garments on clearance online for a total of $62 online yesterday which includes the shipping. I got three tops, 2 dresses, a cardigan sweater, a pair of pants and a light jacket! For anyone reading here who wears a size 14 and up I highly recommend Full Beauty . com. I pretty much dress from their clearance sales. Most of what I bought yesterday will be for early spring wear but it will be here before we know it. Sign up to get the emails so that you know when clearance is 50% off. That is where the deals are. Regular prices on the garments I purchased were $44.95 to 64.99! I saved nearly $350!

    1. Lana, I will have to check out Full Beauty! Thank you for the recommendation. The tomato was very good as was the cucumber!

  3. Look at those amazing summer veggies you are growing in your temperatures. I am amazed at how well a greenhouse works.

    A great bargain with the fabric, that was a good price to pay.


    1. Tania, thank you, we are very pleased with what we are able to grow in our greenhouse.

  4. Great deals and fresh veggies, awesome!

  5. Okay, this may NOT be a Christian attitude but I'll say it anyway - "I'm jealous and envious (and any other words that would have the same connotation) of your greenhouse!
    Had the money saved to get one but had to use it to replace the old truck (whose transmission let go) with a newer (NOT NEW) truck. Now I'm starting to rebuild the funds again - very slowly - since January is a bad month moneywise for saving. January and June are our roughest months moneywise. Enjoy that tomato!!!

    1. LOL Kris, our journey to this greenhouse was long and slowed down even more by Hurricane Florence. We slowly collected/purchased the materials over a period of time. (It seemed like every time we had the money to build the greenhouse something like 'your truck' would come up and gobble up the money.) So, we started buying a few supplies here and a few supplies there and just putting them aside. Eventually and after Hurricane Florence finished off our old greenhouse we had enough supplies to rebuild and expand. It was a long journey, but we stayed with it and finally reached our goal. You will too and you'll really appreciate it when you do!


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