Thursday, January 23, 2020

What A Difference?

We have ceiling fans in our home that have lights.  To say that they put our poor lighting is an understatement because of the small bulbs they use.  Regular size bulbs won't work in them so we've been stuck with poor lighting for the last couple of years.  Until today!

I happened on to an online conversation about this very issue and learned about a converter that you could screw into the sockets that will allow them to use a regular bulb.  I ordered some and they came today.  I immediately removed the smaller bulbs, screwed in the converter and then screwed in the larger/normal size bulbs.

the small bulb on the left fits the fan/light fixture ...
the converter is in the middle ...
and the regular bulbs we replaced the smaller ones with are on the right ...

I couldn't believe the difference!  The lighting was so much better!   We are delighted to have found a solution to our poor lighting problems that doesn't involve replacing the whole fixture!  

I almost forgot to tell you about my Vicky Challenge score today!!!

Hubby had noticed an old bathtub dumped onto an area that looked like was the local 'get rid of your unwanted stuff' dump.  Only it wasn't a dump, the land was owned by an individual.  Hubby knew someone who knew someone who owned the property and through the grapevine got permission to go checkout the bathtub and take it if we wanted it.  (We've been wanting a metal bathtub to turn into a worm bin for quite some time.)  Today we went to check it out and was totally surprised to find that it was a cast iron bathtub … even better than metal.  It was full of tile and other things that indicated someone had redone their bathroom and discarded all the rubbish, including the tub, in this unofficial dumping area.  The bathtub was in very good condition!  Hubby dumped the debris out and we loaded the cast iron bathtub and brought it home.  (No, it was not easy, that bathtub weighed 350 lbs, but we were determined if nothing else!)  I checked the price for a new cast iron bathtub comparable to the one we scavenged online and new the price is $399.  In the condition it was in I'm going to count a savings of half that price … $200 as my Vicky Challenge savings score for today.   Total Vicky Challenge savings before today … $191, add $200 and my new Vicky Challenge total is $391!  I'll take it!

Our high temp today was 52 degrees and the wind chill was still a force to be reckoned with!

I hope you've had a great day!


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  1. This is good to know because we have a lot of fixtures with those silly little bulbs. Forty nine here today with rain on the way for all day tomorrow. It will be a good day to stay home.

    1. Lana, that is a good description of those bulbs … silly! We are supposed to get rain tomorrow afternoon/evening … a evening to stay home!

  2. I've been trying to eat mainly from our pantry/freezer stock as it's become a bit over crowded (1st world problems, I know). I needed a few things at the grocery store today,but I'm just too good at finding deals. So I asked my 16 yrs old Autistic daughter to come with me. She hates shopping with me (I take too long), but was thrilled to take on the job of keeping me in check and only buying from the list. Well, we did buy a few items not on the list at her request, but we did really amazing. Best of all, I finally got my daughter to go grocery shopping...a skill I want her to practice more before she becomes an adult. It was a good day!

    1. Rhonda, glad your daughter went with you to 'keep you in check, 'you're right our children need to learn this very important skill! We are eating out of our pantry too and spending very little at the grocery store!

  3. I see you have the soft white bulbs but if there is an area where you need seriously more lighting look for the bulbs that say "daylight' on them. They are too bright for ambient lighting but they made a HUGE difference in my sewing area and in our bathroom which is darker than most rooms in the house.

    1. Terri, thank you for that tip. My sewing area could definitely use some better lighting!

  4. I wonder if you could use the converters AND the regular bulbs in a chandelier. All regular bulbs and converters would be too expensive and bright for my kitchen. If I could convert like 4 of them, that would be perfect. Everything seems too dim the older I get!

    1. Kathy, that's a good question, I don't know, maybe someone else will have an answer for you. We've got that same 'too dim' issue going at my house too!

  5. Patsy. You inspire me. Thank you for continuing to write about things big and small in your life. (Double thank you for the daily email that reminds me to check in on your life)

    1. Cass, you are so very welcome, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!


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