Monday, January 27, 2020

What a Sale!

For those who have followed A Working Pantry for a while, you will know that we don't buy a lot of groceries.  In fact, you will know that the most of our grocery budget goes to stocking up when we find sales.

That's what happened today … we found a really great sale … on ground beef!  While I was at the chiropractor getting adjusted hubby went to a local grocery store looking for an item and found ground beef on sale for $1.69/lb (73/27).  He purchased several pounds and we brought it home and put it in the refrigerator.  Tomorrow, I will make hamburger patties and freeze them, make meatloaves and freeze them, brown some with diced onions and freeze it, make meatballs and freeze them, and finally, I 'll freeze some in 1 pound increments.  We use a lot of ground beef, so finding this sale was a really good thing!

Tonight I stitched up another doll dress (this time a pillowcase dress) for the 18" doll we're gifting one of our granddaughter's for Christmas.  I got the free pattern here.

Our Vicky Challenge savings today was $58.12 coming from the ground beef!  Total savings thus far:  $486.56 + today's savings of $58.12 = $544.68!  

Our high temp today was 58 degrees but it was a cool overcast day so the 58 degrees didn't feel all that warm!

I hope you've had a great day!


A Working Pantry
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  1. A very good price indeed! I thought I'd done well to find two markdown packages for $1.89 the other day but there were only the two.

  2. what a sale. Do you just drain the fat off? Thanks for the pattern for the pillowcase doll dress. Nancy

  3. That was one heck of a good deal on your ground beef. We call this mince here. It used to be one of the cheaper meats but now it is so expensive. Bluey gets it when he can find it on sale.
    I love that little dress for your Grandies dolly. Dolly is going to have a wonderful wardrobe by Christmas.

    1. Jane, ground beef/mince is expensive here too. It used to be a lot cheaper but like everything else has increased in price. I'm enjoying stitching up the doll clothes and using what I have or find for free is making it more enjoyable! Thank you for your encouragement!

  4. Wow that is a great price and savings for the Vicky challenge.

    Cute doll and pillowcase dress for your grand daughter. She will love them.


    1. Tania, thank you for your encouragement! I think my little grand will enjoy her doll and it's wardrobe!

  5. Great find and the doll is looking awesome.

  6. I am so jealous! what a great deal!! I was in your neck of the woods yesterday and waved to you when I drove by. Gong home from Charlotte. :)

    1. Barbara, I'm waving back, a day late! I hope you had a safe drive home!

  7. Great deal!
    Hope your back is feeling better.
    Cute doll dress too.

    1. Kathy, thank you. Seeing the chiropractor is part of my weekly routine that helps me stay out of surgery. As long as I can manage the pain, I'm counting it as a win!


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