Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Rainy Kind of Day!

We were forecast to reach the high temperature of 81 degrees today and we did, but then, as also forecasted, a front moved in and our weather went from a beautiful sun shiny day to an afternoon of rain and wind.

Knowing what the forecast was supposed to be I got my outside chores done this morning … tending the chickens, checking on things in the greenhouse and doing a walk through of the things we have planted.

In the greenhouse I spotted more lemon blossoms … you surely know by now how excited that made me!

This pot of aloe plant (or should I say plants) is thriving in the greenhouse.  I need to repot the whole thing!  I think I need to hunt new homes for some of these!

Back inside, I decided that a little tidying up was in order as we've pretty much been going and doing something everyday since Friday.  While the wind blew and the rain pelted against the windows I put things back in order in my home.  (Since we have a small home, there is only so much 'untidiness' that I can stand before the clutter really starts to get to me!)  

This afternoon, I vacuum-sealed the quick-cooking oats and the rice cereal I purchased yesterday and added them to my pantry.  The left 3 jars have rice cereal in them and the right 3 jars have quick-cooking oats.

That's it for today, our high temperature was 81 degrees.

I hope everyone has had a great day!

A Working Pantry
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Yay for more lemon blossoms! That is a really beautiful aloe. You have the potential for lots of little gifts there.

    We had the rain starting very early this morning and then very happily sent it on your way. This afternoon was glorious with sunshine and gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from here. We could see snow on some. We went out to the thrift stores and only bought one item which was an animal dominoes game for toddlers. We will be traveling to spend Easter with our middle son's family and we like to bring something to do face to face with the grandchildren. I spotted a Whisper grain mill and got all excited until I saw the price. The store that has had lots of items for 25 and 50 cents has gone up in price so the fun thrift shopping is gone. Then back to Lowe's for another stack of paint chips. We had stir fry for supper and now we are back to our good books. We are finally feeling rested!

    1. Lana, the rain got here mid-afternoon and is supposed to hang around until around mid-night. I don't go thrifting very often as there are not any thrift stores in our immediate area. When we travel though, I do try to hit up as many as possible but am finding that generally, across the board, the prices are not so thrifty anymore. I know you are excited about visiting your son and family over the Easter holiday!

  2. Oh I'm sure those lemon blossoms smell so good! Looks like you will have lots of lemons.
    Your aloe looks so healthy too.
    I need to use my vacuum sealer for more than sealing meat for the freezer. Thanks for the suggestion to seal oats and cereal.

    1. Kathy, I use my vacuum sealer as much for sealing dry goods/herbs, etc in jars as I do foods for the freezer!

  3. The lemon blossoms are both beautiful and exciting! Do the blossoms smell lemony?

  4. Patsy, I was wondering why you oven sealed the half gallon jars of SR flour instead of vacuum sealing? It it because something that fine would not seal well? I have sealed almost every dry ingredient but not flour or cornmeal so was wondering. And could you tell me how long it needed to be in the oven? Thank you.

    1. Judy, I did a post on oven-canning flour that will answer your questions. You can find it here …


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