Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Very Cold Rain, Cooking and Canning!

Whew!  What a wet, cold and rainy day!  A good day to stay home if you could!

While I was doing my Bible studying this morning, I put a dozen of eggs on to boil.  When they were finished I made up a bowl of potato salad using home-canned potatoes, olives from the pantry, home-canned sweet pickle relish and some of the eggs.  I put the rest of the eggs in the refrigerator for tomorrow's meal of creamed eggs.

I took the egg shells from the eggs and set them in a container on the hearth, next to the stove.  In no time, they were dry and ready to be added to my ongoing jar of crushed egg shells.

Today's main meal of okra soup was really easy to pull together.  I opened the freezer door, took out a bag of already cooked okra soup, opened up another freezer door and took out a bag of already cooked rice, set them to thaw and forgot about them until it was time to heat them up!   A warm, delicious meal on a very cold and rainy day that I didn't have to spend hours putting together.  In my opinion that's another good reason to plan ahead with freezer meals.

Update 2/21/20:  I've been asked how to make okra soup, here's how we make it. (This recipe originated from Africa.  My husband spent 4 years there as a child of missionaries.  This is one of the recipes that they brought back that we both enjoy.

Okra Soup

1 lb ground beef, browned with chopped onions, salted
1 lb of okra (or more if you really like okra), sauteed and salted
Mix together in a pot
Add enough crushed canned tomatoes to cover the browned ground beef and sauteed okra (you want the consistency of a thick soup)
Add red pepper flakes or pods (optional)

Simmer for at least an hour and serve over rice.  This is a good crock-pot meal!

I had about a dozen tomatoes I had harvested from the greenhouse that needed using so I turned them into sauce by running the tomatoes through my Nutribullet along with store bought, canned roasted peppers  (from the pantry), chopped onions (from the freezer) and garlic (I peeled and minced from the braid of garlic I have in my kitchen).  Since the wood stove is in use today, I set the pot of sauce on top of the stove and let it slow simmer for close to an hour.  I took it off the stove, let it cool and froze it in quart freezer bags.  (It wasn't enough to can.)  I added 2 quarts of sauce to the freezer part of my pantry.  Waste not, want not!

I had some sweet potatoes that needed preserving, so I tackled that project today too.   I got them all cleaned and precooked.  I peeled the ones for canning, filled the jars, added water, covered them with a used lid and set them in the refrigerator.  I plan to get the jars out of the refrigerator in the morning, let them come to room temperature and can them.   I also have a few to cut into wedges (for potato wedges), flash freeze and then vacuum seal in freezer bags.  

While working in the kitchen, I listened to some of my favorite Youtube channels.   I got all caught up on my watching and listening!

That's it for today, our high temperature was 47 degrees and that was at 6:30 a.m.  It's been steadily getting colder all day!

I hope everyone has had a great day!  

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't have snow. It came down here for two hours without sticking. I had never thought of prepping jars for the canner the day ahead. That sure would help. I am doing much better today. I have a month now before more dental work.

    1. Lana, we didn't get the first snowflake! But, that is usually the way it goes for our area … we rarely get snow! As I've gotten older I've had to come up with ways to continue doing the things I've always done in ways that don't stress my body. There was a time when I could have gotten all those sweet potatoes done in one day without exhausting my body but it's just too much anymore … so I divide and conquer. Where there is a will, there is a way! Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Dental work is no fun, in my opinion!

  2. Oh my!! what is okra soup?? This is something I've never heard of. Do you have a recipe for it? My husband would probably hate it, but I would love it.

    1. Kris, I added the recipe to the post! Both hubby and I really like it!

  3. Replies
    1. lives in the woods, thank you! It brings me great satisfaction to see the shelves in my pantry full knowing that my hard work and God's blessings put them there.

  4. I'd love to know who your favorite youtubers are!

    1. Mimibannjos, here is a post that I did listing some of them …

  5. Creamed eggs! Oh my gosh I haven’t made that in years. My mom used to make that when I was little. We had it over toast and it was a pretty cheap meal for 3 kids. I’ve never come across anyone down here in TX who has heard of that comfort dish. My parents came from Ohio, maybe it’s popular up there. In any case, I know what I’m having for lunch today! 😀

    1. Kathy, we serve ours over piping hot biscuits! I hope you enjoyed yours as much as we enjoy ours!


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