Friday, February 21, 2020

Sweet Potatoes and Candy!

Sweet Potatoes and Candy, now that's a combination isn't it?

If you read yesterday's post you will know that I started prepping the sweet potatoes that we grew last year for preserving.  I got them all washed, cleaned up and pre-cooked, I even filled 7 quart jars before I ran out of energy and set them in the refrigerator overnight to be canned today.

This morning shortly after I got up I set those 7 quarts of 'ready to can' sweet potatoes on the counter to come to room temperature.  While they were coming to room temperature I did my Bible study and morning chores.

When they were at room temperature, I started the canner and got them going.  While they were processing I got another 7 jars ready for the canner.  I had also prepared the larger ones for slicing and freezing so I took care of those next.  All together I added 9 quarts and 5 pints of sweet potatoes to my pantry.  I also vacuum-sealed 4 packages of sliced sweet potatoes and added them to the freezer part of my pantry.

While I had the vacuum sealer out, I vacuum-sealed this jar of candy left over from Valentine's Day.  These left over suckers will be used when we have little ones visiting.  Waste not, want not!

That's it for today, our high temperature was  39 degrees going down to 23 tonight.  Folks, for our area, that is bitterly cold ... and we didn't even get one single snowflake to show for it!!!

I hope everyone has had a great day!  I'll be taking the whole weekend off this weekend, so I'll meet you back here Monday night with the next journal entry.

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  1. It was bitterly cold here today too with temps right near yours. We had to go out for an early morning hair cut appointment and kept a sharp eye out for black ice on the roads. We came home and mixed up muffins and our friends arrived just as we were sliding them into the oven. We had a job to do and worked on that amidst our guys reading scripture aloud and downing a lot of little cups of espresso. We are now prepared to help others in our families and community if a specific need arises. It was a blessed time. We are ready for the weekend and some down time.

    All those sweet potatoes look lovely. I am planning to employ your two day method soon. That will really help us get more in jars. Have a great weekend!

    1. Lana, your post made me smile, may you be blessed for your willingness to help others.

  2. Have a great weekend!
    Yum on the Isweet taters! I would never have thought of vacuum sealing the candy.
    Note to self: use sealer for more than sealing meat to freeze.

    1. Kathy, I use my sealer for sealing lots of dry goods, etc in jars … almost as much as I do for freezer foods!

  3. Dear Patsi,
    I also like to prep food the day before canning. It really helps to break up the process. Those sweet potatoes look good, and I'm wishing I had stocked up when they went on sale a couple months ago!
    Good idea for the candy. I think it would also mean less temptation (with chocolate for me) since you'd have to break the seal and then re-seal to get a piece, haha!
    Lots going on here lately (all good), so sorry for my absence!
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Kelsey, it's good to hear from you. I love chocolate too! Glad good things are happening at your place, that is exciting!

  4. I have canned sweet potatoes in the past and was disappointed with the taste, so I try to keep my harvest in a cooler place - our garage that connects to our house - in order to enjoy them "fresh" and baked or roasted. How do you overcome the "canned" taste or don't you find that objectionable?

    1. Tracy, I stored mine as long as I could too, but decided to can them rather than lose them. As far as the taste, I don't think it's as good as fresh either but is still good and makes up into some delicious dishes.

  5. Will you please post your sweet potato canning recipe. Step by step for a beginner like me . I would love to be able to can them in jars. And I had no clue you could freeze them either...Wow

    1. Tammy, here is a video that walks you through step by step. It is by Deep South Homestead and is the way I can my sweet potatoes. If you have any questions after watching the video, feel free to ask.


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