Thursday, June 4, 2020

A Different Kind of Day!

(Picture:  freshly harvested, washed and cleaned lemon balm leaves ready to be dehydrated.)

Every once once in a while, I have myself a 'slower paced' day and today was one of those days.  I had the house to myself most of the day and I just puttered around doing little things.

I harvested lemon balm and dehydrated it.

I watched a few Youtube videos on gardening and food preservation and added a couple of zucchini preservation recipes/methods to my collection. (If all goes well I'll be covered up with zucchini in the not to distant future, so I'm trying to get my zucchini act together now.)

I took a look at our budget, updated it and set a goal to reduce our outgoing expenses.  (Wish me luck!)

For our main meal of the day I pulled pork chops out of the freezer and cooked them up, roasted some home-canned carrots and fried up some home-canned okra.  (Here's the method I use for canning okra.)    Our meal was all very good!

That's all I have today, tomorrow, it's back to my normal routine!

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  1. I love a slower day too Patsy. How do you use your dried Lemonbalm? Mimi

  2. I had my teeth cleaned and was surprised to find that it was just like always without the staff freaking out about the virus. I was also happy to find out that it is only $99 for a cleaning without insurance. After that we went to Krispy Kreme for our freebie donut. What a treat! Then on to the outlet grocery. It was shocking how little stock they had compared to a few weeks ago. But we did find some deals like 5 pounds of shredded cheddar for 5.99, rolls of sausage for 1.50, big bags of restaurant peppers and onions ready to thrown in a skillet for 2.99 a bag and few other things. They are hoping to be restocked on the ground pork for .75 a pound next week. I hope so! We had black-eyed peas and rice and cornbread with a big salad for supper. So good!

    1. Lana, you found some really great deals! Your supper sounds delicious!


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