Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Working Pantry Boot Camp for Non FB Users: Pre-Class Work

Before I give you the first pre-class activity, I need to tell you that the Facebook Group will be ahead of you for a few days.  That's okay, I'll get you caught up over the next week or so ... so, are you ready to get started ...

Let's do it ... here's your first pre-class activity ...

Over the next few days leading up to the first weekly assignment, I'll be posting a few things you need to think about that will be important when you start your assignments.

Here's the first one and something you need to decide ...

How many people are you building a well-stocked pantry for and for how long?

Practical Proverbs 31 Living
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Good morning, I'm confused. I thought I had signed up for the FB class. And I didn't receive any notification??? I used the link that Annabel had added to one of her blog posts. Maybe it didn't work. Can you help me?

    1. LaurieS, if you signed up and answered the questions you were approved. What name did you sign up under, I can check to make sure.

    2. LaurieS, there is a FB class and one here on the blog for non-FB users.

  2. I currently keep my pantry at 6 months for the 4 people and 1 dog who live in my household plus my oldest daughter, her fiance and their dog. I do keep extra rice and beans beyond that to share if need be. With everything going on I think I would like a years worth for the 6 people and 2 dogs plus some extra to help out friends and family.

    1. Making Cents Of It All, we try to store enough to help friends, neighbors and family too!

  3. I am one person in a small city apt. - have about 2 months worth on hand as far as canned food is concerned, 1 month of fresh & frozen but would like to have about 4 month's worth in my day-to-day pantry.
    I do have a separate more long-term but at the moment, very small additional pantry.

  4. Would like 12 months for 2 people and six dogs. Would like to be able to share with family if need arises

  5. We currently maintain a pantry with enough food items to last over about 3 months for 4 adults and 1-2 months of pet food for 2 cats and a dog. However, I already try to preserve enough seasonal produce each summer to last through to the next season. So depending on the time of year, our pantry could potentially last longer.

    I'd like to expand the pantry to last 6 months if 4 adults were solely living off of it. That way, if we still have the option to shop, the pantry could extend even further, or accomodate more than 4 adults over a shorter period if need be. I'm not convinced we have the room for a year's supply, nor can I keep up with expiration dates on that much food.

  6. Hi Patsy and playing catch up but here as we have been cutting firewood being that it is winter here. We got sole access to a property nearby and there is so much firewood it will last us for years so we took advantage of it and have cut 14 cubic metres in the last few weeks. Not exactly pantry but stocks none the less :) .

    We are building up to a 12 month stockpile for 2 people and our cat.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).


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