Monday, June 1, 2020

Canning, Building and A Working Pantry Boot Camp Class!

This past week has been so incredibly busy that it literally went by in a blur.  

I canned potatoes, we found a good sale on chicken so I canned chicken and chicken broth.  The green beans in our garden were ready to harvest so I did that and canned 7 quarts of those.  I also harvested our broccoli and preserved it.  We dug more potatoes and I had a birthday!

And, Oh, one more thing ... we built another shed!  We still need to put the tin on the roof and sides but other than that it's done!

I also announced the next online class I'll be teaching, A Working Pantry Book Camp, and have been setting things in motion for that.  The class starts on Wednesday at which time it will be closed for new students.  I had originally intended to only do the class on Facebook and I still am, but have had quite a bit of interest from non-Facebook users wanting to be able to take the class too.  There is an option for non-Facebook users to receive the class entries via an email subscription if there is enough interest.  Of course it will be free as the Facebook class is.  I need to hear from those who are interested in a non-Facebook class via email.  It will be the same content as the Facebook class, the only draw back is there will be no interaction with fellow class members other than myself.  If you're interested in receiving the class entries via email, let me know in the comments below.

Today was a beautiful day weather wise.  We got a break from the hot and humid days we've been having and I am so thankful.  Our high temp today was 80 degrees and there was no humidity!  It was a great day for working outside!

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  1. I am very interested in receiving the emails about the class please as I am one of those not on Facebook.
    Thank you so much for doing this.
    May I send you the email address privately?? I think I'm set up for the gmail address in the replies but that's not actually my day to day one.
    Thank you again.

  2. I would be interested in receiving the info via email, Patsy. Wish I could contribute to comments, but the info is still helpful.

    I was able to can up some mango and cherries this weekend. They were on sale, though still expensive. I like adding things like this to my pantry, to provide us with some much needed variety in the middle of winter. Even if it is just a few jars, it helps break up the monotony when we have less choices.

  3. Hi Patsy, yes, I'd be interested in a non-Facebook class. Thank you for the offer.

  4. Hi Patsi, am interested in doing the course by email if possible

  5. I have chosen not to be on Facebook, but am very interested in your class if you are able to send it in email form. Pam in Kansas

  6. Hi Patsi,
    I am amazed at how much you get done! It is so encouraging......
    I am interested in your receiving emails from your upcoming class.....
    Thank you for all you do!
    Mrs. N.

  7. I would love to do the non-facebook option. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

  8. Good morning, Miss Patsi. I would love to join you boot-camp, but I am not a Facebook user.

  9. Wow! I am impressed with all you got done! Happy Birthday!

  10. You have been busy!
    Those beans look so good.
    Great job on the shed too. Will you use it to store things?
    I would like to join your email group if it isn't more trouble for you. I think you have more than you can say grace over, as my daddy used to say, and I don't want to cause you more work.

  11. Yes, I would enjoy being a part of your Working Pantry Boot Camp!

  12. Yes, I want to be a part of yr boot camp. It sounds very interesting.

  13. i would love to take your class be email. Thank you for the offer. Happy belated birthday wishes!!

  14. I signed up for the FB one but if I had known you were offering the email one I would have done it that way..
    Happy birthday

    1. Chef Owings, please choose the format that is best for you.

  15. I'm in. Thanks for doing it for non Facebook people too. Can't wait.

  16. I did not see my comment made a day or two ago so will write again to be sure I am included for the email class please.

  17. yes please i think i would like to see if i am doing it right

  18. Although I can do the class via Facebook, I'd prefer to do it off-line.
    Lori K


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