Saturday, June 6, 2020

Day 11 of My 14 Day Planting Challenge!

Today has been a harvesting and planting kind of day!  Let's start with the harvesting ...

I harvested the last picking of our green beans and got another bucket full.  I estimate that I'll get about 14 quarts giving me a total of 21 quarts from this raised bed plus several meals of fresh green beans to eat.  Not to bad if you asked me, we plan to repeat this again next year.

As I picked the last of the green beans I pulled the plants leaving another place that I could plant something in ... and that's what I did!  I amended the soil and planted some more squash.  What did I do with the bean plants I pulled up, I gave them to our chickens which they will in turn, turn into eggs for us!  Win!  Win!

Speaking of squash, we got our first harvest today of 4.  We will have them with a meal this week.

I finished harvesting all the collard seeds, amended the bed (tractor tire) and then finished planting the sweet potato slips left from last week's planting in that bed.

We also dug more potatoes!

I harvested cabbage and the first bell pepper of the season!

I went to the grocery store today at our local 'big box store' for the first time in many weeks.  I was surprised at how sparsely stocked the shelves were; I also noticed signs stating limits of 1 for several items.  I don't know about anywhere else, but we are still having food shortages and rationing in our area.

And finally, here's an update on our trellis raised beds we built and planted a few weeks ago.

The beds are really filling in and look at those lima beans climbing the trellis!  There are zucchini and cucumbers planted in front of the lima beans on this side.  We plan to trail the cucumber vines down the outside of the blocks on this side when they start running.

Here's a close-up view of the other side, those are cabbage and marigolds in front of the lima beans.

Our high temp today was 86 degrees, it was a sunny day and we were able to get quite a bit done!


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  1. All our stores are well stocked except Walmart. But, Walmart in our lake town was completely stocked including TP. I think the grocery availability is varying so widely that it is hard to even figure out what in the world is going on. I also believe that the day and time you go shopping are huge. We have learned not to go on the weekends here.

    That is a great green bean harvest! We added more seeds to our planter boxes and planted another with green beans because the pepper plants were not doing well enough to save them.

    1. Lana, I think you're right about the day and time you go shopping, I was just so surprised today to still see such bare shelves. I'm sorry your pepper plants didn't do well, it's a good idea to cut the loss though and move on to something else like you did.

    2. I felt the same way at the outlet store this week. Our Walmart has bare shelves on the weekends. It is shocking too.

  2. Today I picked my first harvest of spinach. I was very pleased with how much I was able to get. For now, we will be enjoying the fresh greens as part of our meals. If I happen to harvest more spinach than what we can eat, I'll consider preserving for use in winter. But I'd rather eat them fresh from the garden for now.

    My butternut squash and romaine lettuce didn't come up at all, for some reason. So this week, I went to Home Depot to see if I could get more butternut squash seeds. Well, after looking over the half empty racks for several minutes, I finally found 1 only package of buttercup squash. Of course they look different, but I read the word wrong, and was so excited to find what I was looking for. It wasn't until I was in the car I realized it was a different squash. Oh well, we'll give this a try.

    On Friday, I planted the squash seeds and Tom thumb lettuce seeds in the areas that didn't grow. While there, I planted a few extra leaf lettuce seed in areas that didn't sprout, and found a couple more small spots to put in some more radishes. Everything else is growing, but nothing ready to harvest yet, other than spinach.

    I do have a question. I planted zucchini in several pots. Unfortunately, bugs have attacked the young plants. Do you have a suggestion for an inexpensive bug repellent? I've read about using a soap mixture, or a peppermint oil mixture. Have you tried either of these with success? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    1. Rhonda, Baker's Creek ( just got Tahitian Butternut Squash seeds back in stock. They emailed me because it was in left sitting in my shopping cart. My saved seed bag disappeared and could find none to buy. They are my favorite. I immediately ordered some and they arrived within three days! I will be planting them today.

  3. Wow your Lima beans have really grown. Love how they look climbing the trellis. How neat!
    Great bean harvest.
    My garden seems to be growing slow except for the weeds. My spinach bolted so I will pull it up and plant some more beans.
    We are still having shortages here esp beef. Toilet paper is stil scarce. Strange times.

    1. Kathy, we are very pleased with the way the trellis is working with the lima beans.

  4. Patsy, We grocery shopped today. Aldi was about average. I didn't notice lots of outages except yeast which I am getting very near needing if we're to continue to make bread. However, I noted more outages and limits at Publix. Publix has not had toilet paper or paper towel in months now. I bought a package of boneless skinless chicken breasts which we normally half a breast and make a meal for two. I told John I believe these breasts have already been halved! Or they were harvested much sooner so they are smaller. Either way, it will be stir fry or we will have to eat two.

    1. terricheney, we're noticing little things like that here too. One has to really pay attention to what they're buying or they just might be disappointed once they get it home.

  5. My garden chore was to water. It hit 94 degrees yesterday and since I have seeds in the ground, it must be kept moist. We (my son) drug the garden hose, set up the sprinkler and ran it off and on all afternoon. We have unlimited well water but still worry about running it dry and damaging the motor. The next goal will be to find the timer (who knows where that thing has been stuck) and get it installed. I can't work in the garden when it is that hot.

    1. Jeannie, I can't work outside when it gets that hot either! We love the timers we have set up for watering our containers and raised beds. They keep us from having to hand water and we set them at different times so it's not to hard on our pump.


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