Saturday, July 11, 2020

Operation Rescue the Okra!

In yesterday's post I shared that we had had 13 1/2 inches of rain in June and 4 1/2 inches this week.  Last night we got another 3/4 inch which brings this week's total to 5 1/4 inches of rain.  Getting this much rain has made it really hard to work in our row garden, its the reason we lost a portion of our potato crop to rot and it's the reason our row of okra looked like this ...

Yes, there really is okra in that mess of weeds!

Hubby got the weed-eater out and cleaned out around the row.  Can you find the okra yet?

Ta-da!  I pulled weeds from around the plants and hubby ran the mantis tiller on both sides.  We fertilized it and called it a day.  Next week we'll run the tiller on both sides again and I'll pull any weeds out that have grown back.  Let's hope this works!


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  1. Your okra looks good now! We had our first mess of fried okra for supper tonight!

    1. countrynana, thank you, we were exhausted by the time we got it finished!!!

  2. That was a lot of work! Looks good!

  3. Good work, I'm not familiar with that kind of tool. Will have to research. Does it mulch the weeds back into the soil to create a mulch?

    These days Im ata little lazy and use my weeds as a thickmthick layer . Seems to work though.

    1. DiinAus, a weed eater is used to trim around items, trees, bushes, buildings, etc you might have in the yard. It allows you to get right up next to whatever you're cleaning up around and trim the grass.

    2. Ok, now I understand. I think it's what I know as a whipper-snipper


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