Friday, August 7, 2020

Every Bit Counts Challenge: August 7th

 When Hurricane Isaias swept through our area earlier in the week it flattened our okra plants.  Instead of standing tall and beautiful like it had been every plant was laying sideways mere inches from the ground.  Yesterday morning, I straightened each up and did my best to get them growing in the right direction again.  

Yesterday afternoon it was still standing so we decided it was safe to harvest the few pods I had seen earlier in the day (we didn't want to put any unnecessary push or pull on the plant that harvesting might create until it was reestablished in an upright position).

It wasn't a lot of okra but since 'every bit counts' I brought it in and set it aside.

This morning I washed, cleaned and prepared it for the freezer.  The bag is only half full so the next time I harvest okra I'll finish filling this bag first.  

We use okra in soups, stews and as a side dish.

(The Every Bit Counts Challenge is hosted by Three Rivers Homestead over on Instagram.)

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  1. What a great challenge, Patsi. I saw it on Instagram, but I think I need to gear it towards cleaning and house projects before the baby gets here lol. Every little bit still counts! I have added to my pantry, though, as we did a big stock up in the city.
    Also, some very exciting news is that my dad bought a freeze dryer! He has been watching YouTube videos for months and now that the dryer has finally arrived he and my mom are on a roll churning out things for the pantry. He is doing lots of experimenting and has sent home lots of samples. I sent him onions from the garden and a #10 can of green beans to freeze dry for me, so we are excited to see how it all turns out. This just opens up so many new possibilities.
    Do you flash freeze your produce before bagging or do you just put it straight in the bag?

    1. Kelsey, yes, your focus right now needs to be on preparing for your little blessing to arrive! A freeze dryer ... I'm so happy for you! Yes, it does open up so many more possibilities. I do not flash freeze okra before freezing it, some veggies I do, but not okra. It sounds like great things are happening at your place, yeah!!!

  2. I mashed up 14 browning bananas and froze them in cupfuls ready to make banana bread. How is it that children go through pounds of bananas week after week and then suddenly stop?? I cut up the skins and put them Into a large preserving jar to soak for a few days. I use this “banana tea” as a fertiliser for my house plants.

    1. Gill, that was a good idea to mash up the bananas and freeze them in cupful measurements. I had to chuckle about your kids and bananas, when mine were at home, they were the same way! That's a good tip on using the banana peels!

  3. My cucumbers are doing amazing this year. My eggplants are not. My friend's eggplants are out of control(I gave her the plants) but her cucumbers stink. We traded so we each have both. My in-laws gave me a ton of basil, I gave them cucumbers. I made another batch of pesto for the freezer. Some of it was dairy free for Hubby.

    1. Making Cents Of It All, isn't it great to be able to swap and exchange produce! It helps even out lean areas in our pantries.

  4. Today a pint of green beans got frozen. Little bits add up. We worked on adding compost and manure to our Earth Box containers to get them ready for replanting this weekend. We love okra because we planted do much last year that there' enough to enjoy this year too. Glad you were able to rescue yours.

    1. Cookie, our okra is standing up today, my efforts paid off!!! I hope to be able to can several jars this year as we've almost finished off all I had canned. Yes indeed, little bits add up, we should never forget that!


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