Sunday, August 2, 2020

Goals for the Week of 8/2/20 and Hurricane Isaias Update

If you remember I made a 'goals' list for this past week in this post and told you that I would check back in and let you know how I did.

Here's my list for last week and how I did ...

Start medicinal herb seeds ... didn't get done!  (Prepping for Hurricane Isaias disrupted a lot of my plans and goals.)

Start seeds for fall crops ... didn't get done!  (I'm blaming it on Hurricane Isaias.)

My school age grandchildren need masks for school so I will be stitching up several of those ... didn't get done! 
(I didn't do very well, but again, it's all Hurricane Isaias' fault ... that's my story!)

Do another canning of kosher pickles ... Done!  (Ha!  I did get something on my list done!)

Harvest yarrow, mullein and comfrey ... Partially done!  I harvested the yarrow and comfrey.  I added the harvested comfrey to a raised bed as it makes good soil amendment and fertilizer.  

What about goals for this week with Hurricane Isaias predicted to hit our area Monday evening, night and into Tuesday?

Of course it's all going to depend on whether we get any damage or not.  Right now our area is predicted to get a direct hit.  The latest update said that Isaias was strengthening again and would likely be a category 1 hurricane by morning.  It's not unusual for hurricanes to fluctuate back and forth between tropical storm status and categories.  The only sure thing about hurricanes is that they are unpredictable and so we prepare for the worst and pray for the best.   The worst in this case is 75 miles per hour winds, possible tornadoes and lots and lots of rain.  The best case scenario is 30 - 45 mile per hour winds and lots and lots of rain.  We're hoping and praying for the best case scenario.  Of course, it would be okay if it went further east then they think it will and totally miss us all together.  That would make me very happy!

Depending on what happens with Isaias this week, here are my goals ...

Start medicinal herb seeds
Start fall crop seeds
Stitch up face masks
Work on food storage buckets
Complete daily 'Every Bit Counts' Challenge

That's about it for my goals report for this week.  I've spent most of the day, after attending morning worship at church, doing laundry trying to get it all caught up in case we lose power.  I typically try to leave Sunday's work free but time is of the essence right now and there are several last minute things that need to get done before Isaias gets here.  Making sure all the laundry gets done is one of them.

Until the next post ...

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  1. Stay safe! Praying for minimal impact!

  2. Still praying. I was just on our local news site reading the update and the last sentence was'The name Isaias means "God is my salvation" and is of Spanish origin.' How interesting that they would include that in their news story.

  3. Thinking of you and praying that you all weathered the storm ok.


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