Sunday, August 9, 2020

Goals for the Week of 8/9/2020

What a week's it been!  Hurricane Isaias visited our area the first part of the week and this morning our state was hit with a 5.1 earthquake!  Thankfully, we didn't feel the earthquake at our house but others in the area have said that they did.  In between, I worked on my goals as best I could!

Here's last week's goals and how I did ...

Start medicinal herb seeds ... Didn't get done!
Start fall crop seeds ... I planted brussels sprouts seeds and started planting collard seeds
Stitch up face masks ... Didn't get done!
Work on food storage buckets ... Didn't get done!
Complete daily 'Every Bit Counts' Challenge ... Done!  (You can see each day's challenge results Here, Here, Here, Here and Here!)

In addition I did some more cleaning out of raised beds and getting them ready for fall planting.  It's still so very hot and humid here that I can only work outside in small blocks of time but I'm doing it.  Baby steps are better than no steps at all!

I went through the Colds and Flu Herbal class by Homesteading Family.  I had purchased the class when it first came out, at less than half of its current price, and went through the 'colds' part of the class.  Recently they added the Flu part to the class free for those who already owned it and I went through it this week.  I've learned so much from this series of classes and will be working to implement what I've learned in my life.

Here are this week's goals ... wish me luck!

Start medicinal herb seeds
Continue to plant fall crop seeds (specifically broccoli seeds, squash seeds and more collard seeds)
Stitch up face masks (I can't put this off any longer, school will be starting soon for my grands.)
Stitch up a new apron for myself
Work on food storage buckets
Transplant more strawberry runners
Work on making herbal remedies from Homesteading Family Colds and Flu Herbal Class
Complete daily 'Every Bit Counts' Challenge

Here's hoping for a calmer week this week!

Until the next post ...

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Three drops of Plague Defense on the bottoms of the feet will kill the common cold in about 30 minutes and it is done! I am so thankful for that! Flu is a much more complicated issue for oils and who knows what will come down the pike this year!

    Our A/C work is still going on. We have it up and running but there is still work to be finish here. The crew will be back in the morning. Just like most home improvement projects it is behind schedule and over budget due to yellow jackets that had to be dealt with.

    We have taken a 7 pound eye of round roast and a 5 pound pork loin out to thaw in the fridge with the goal of getting them in jars in a few days. We are low on canned chicken so maybe we will go for that, too. Lidl has chicken breast fillets on sale for 1.39 so this would be a good week to restock those, too. We will see!

    Have a good week!

    1. Lana, thank you, I will add the info about the common cold to my remedies book. $1.39 for chicken breast is an excellent price, so is canning up the pork loin and eye of round roast.

  2. We felt the earthquake this morning. We are over an hour from Sparta. Strange times.
    Good luck with your goals this week. Do hope this will be a calmer week.

    1. Kathy, thank you, we're hoping for a calmer week too!

  3. Goodness, these events often come in quick succession don't they? We had a 5.3 earthquake a few years back. My husband and I pretty much slept through it.
    I really appreciate the way you mention the tasks that didn't get done. I for one need to be reminded from time to time that we can't always get 'it all' done.
    I wish you well for this week's goals and hope you have a good week.

    1. Sherri, I had to come to terms a long time ago with the fact that goals are areas for me to focus on, they are not written in stone and I'm not going to fall apart if I don't reach them.


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