Sunday, September 27, 2020

Goals for 9/28/20

I received these vintage doll patterns in the mail this week from a reader.  I love them and can't wait to stitch them up.  Thank you Paula!

I've purposefully stepped back this week to a slower online pace and from time to time I will do that as I feel the need.  Thank you for understanding.  Grieving is a journey that you don't complete overnight.

We had heavy rain from Tropical storm Beta on Friday and Saturday to the tune of 5 inches.  We also had an emergency weather alert for our area, naming the road we live on specifically, that a tornado was in the air.  When I heard that I started praying and making plans to take cover.  Thankfully, it did not touch down, but that was a bit too close for comfort.

So, what about my goals for last week, did I accomplish any of them, let's see ...

Here are my goals for last week:

Plant carrots:  Didn't get done!  No excuses, just didn't get done!

Choose 5 herbs/conditions to study from my new Materia Medica of Western Herbs book.  Done!  I spent time reading about Adrenals, Allergies, Anxiety, Viruses’ and Respiratory issues.  I feel confident that I know how to use this book and will now use it on an as needed basis.

Make up the herb seasoning mixes I've chosen.  Nope!  Didn't get done!

Dehydrate and vacuum seal sourdough starter.  Done!  Prudence is now resting once again in a dried state.

Read and take notes on chapter 8 in Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables by Mike Bubel.  Chapter 8 is really long so my goal is only 1 chapter this week!  Didn't get done!

In addition, I got up early one morning and headed out to the grocery store.  There weren’t many people in the store so I was able to get in and out before it got crowded. It really was a pleasant shopping experience and while I wasn’t able to find everything on my list, I was able to find most of it.

I went to the grocery store with a list and a definite plan.  I wanted to replace items we had used out of our pantry and start purchasing items needed for upcoming holiday baking and meals.  The non-perishable items will be set aside in a tub so they don’t ‘accidently’ get used before holiday cooking starts.  The perishable items will be frozen and a list made so I’ll know what I’ve already purchased.  I’ll continue this plan until I have everything on hand for the holidays … just in case.

I dug up a few of my Egyptian Walking onions and moved them into the greenhouse.

I harvested our dried corn stalks from the garden and plan to use them in my fall decorations. 

I cleaned up another raised bed which now gives me three ready for fall planting.  I have garlic, carrots and more collards to plant so they won't stay empty long.  I still have 2 more to empty out and clean up (Yes, I will be planting in them as well.).  One has sweet potatoes growing in it which will be harvested shortly and the other has the remainder of my strawberry plants in it that I'm moving to our strawberry barrels.

While cleaning out the raised bed, I unknowingly put my hand where there were some fire ants.  I didn't realize it until they started biting me.  I came inside and lathered the whole hand area where I had been bitten several times with diluted lavender essential oil.  In just a few seconds I was getting relief.  Fire ants are prolific here!

The time consuming thing I did last week though was 'fall cleaning' A Working Pantry blog.   I'm cleaning up and reorganizing older posts for better navigation,  I'm not finished, but got quite a bit done.  The rest I'll complete whenever I have an extra few minutes here and there to work on it.

Since I didn't do so well on my named goals for last week, what does this week's goals look like?  I only have one ...

Start Fall Cleaning

That's it!

How did you do on your goals for last week?  What are your goals for this week?


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  1. Wow, five inches is a lot of rain! I am glad the tornado missed you. We had an inch and a half overnight Thursday since it seemed to go north of us. We completed our list with the exception of starting to clean out the pantry in the kitchen cabinets. We got a lot done last week though since chores kept getting added and done.

    This week we will clean house today from top to bottom.
    Small group at our house
    Breakfast out with friends and bring her a meal for her freezer for f her surgery in two weeks
    Hair cut-I changed the appt to this week
    Change whole house water filter
    Hubby has a list for Lowes and it is Aldi week, Sam's maybe
    Find a new home for the cookbooks that I keep downstairs
    My Smart canner is arriving on Thursday, finally! So some playing around with that is on the list, too.

    Have a good week!

    1. Lana, I agree that our goals list is greatly affected by 'add-ons!' You had a good week, I'll look forward to hear about your 'My Smart Canner.'

  2. Fire ants ... jeesh! Well it is 2020. Guess I shouldn't be surprised. But glad you were able to get the bites addressed as quickly as you did, and had the knowledge to minimize the pain they cause. Last week was a loss. I had a Monday morning medical test, for which they failed to give me complete prep instructions. Wasted trip to the testing location, rescheduled to Tuesday afternoon. Work on Tuesday was out of whack with people being overly demanding, critical, and there were connectivity issues. Test took most of Tuesday afternoon and then there were the side-effects of the meds used during testing. Weds. was bloodwork, followed by more work drama, and a refrigerator flashing an error code -- still cooling, but the code needed to be addressed sooner rather than later. Thursday was wait for the repairman, who provided an estimate (costly, but better than replacing the refrig), but he'd have to come back on Friday for the repair. Friday, I got a call that a window repair I had scheduled needed to be pushed back -- the manufacturer sent the wrong size. Refrig repairman had told me the repair should be quick and I only needed to clear the top shelf. So those items went into a cooler with ice before his scheduled arrival time. He made the repair, got everything plugged back in and in place, and another error code started flashing. So, reinstall the part he just replaced and install a different part. All told, the bill came in about $100 less than the estimate, but my refrigerator door was open for nearly 5 hours and the temp was up to nearly 80* by the time he was done. So, Friday night and Saturday morning was spent cleaning out the refrig of anything that could have spoiled during that time and anything nearing or past expiration. Shelves and drawers were washed down, as well. I just looked at it is one less thing on my list for Kitchen cleaning week for holiday prep. (And, test results came back and we could wait to review the findings until mid-week this week, which I look at as good news with nothing requiring urgent attention.) My goals this week include a thorough bathroom cleaning in the main and master bathrooms, double-checking items in my medicine cabinet, along with putting up grape juice and applesauce (both of which are done -- grape juice yesterday and applesauce this morning). Guess I'd better get moving and start work on the bathrooms!

    1. Lori, what a week! I'm glad you at least got seemly good news on your tests. Hang in there and here's hoping this week is a lot better!

  3. You had a very productive week. Happy to read the tornado didn't touch down.
    Living in a valley where there's lots of open farmland and many orchards we get tornado watches and warnings all through the summer months. Unnerving to say the least.

    I did get 2 batches of soap made this week using things that were on hand for add Ind. One batch got honey and another grapefruit essential oil and Himalayan salt. Cleaning and reorganizing the craft room is finished. It took the better part of four days to complete. In the process I was able to free up and repurpose a bookcase for food storage. One of this week's goals has already been completed and that was to go to the orchard market for apples,green beans to supplement what we grew.The beans are already in the freezer. My only other goals this week are to continue harvesting and preserving, make mote bone broth,w work on Christmas gifts.

    1. Cookie, you are resourceful! Waste not, want not! We don't get tornado watches or warnings often, they're usually associated with a hurricane which is good because our area is as flat as can be for miles and miles and miles. Once a tornado touches down here there is nothing to slow it down!


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