Monday, September 21, 2020

Pantry Building Goals for the Week of 9/21/2020

(Picture:  okra that I added to my pantry last week, keep reading to see how I preserved it!)

I've been 'under the weather' the last couple of days so my week is getting off to a slow start.  That's okay, when things happen that are out of our control we just do the best we can and move on.

These were last week's goals ...

Continue to transplant strawberry runners and plants  ... I didn't get around to doing this last week and I'm just now realizing it!!!  Yikes!

Read and take notes on chapters 5 and 6 in Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables by Mike BubelDone!  I also read chapter 7.  I think this book has good, useful information and gets right to the point without a lot of chitchat reading to wade through.  (Just my humble opinion!)

Work on readying the raised bed where I’ll plant carrots.  I got this one done too!

Plan out my gardening ‘to-do’ list for the rest of the year.  Didn't get done!  I actually have it in my mind, but I didn't get it down on paper!  I really want it down on paper to refer back to because the only thing that keeps getting better as I get older is my 'forgetter!'

Rehydrate and restart my sourdough bread starter.  Done!  I've had great success with this and in a couple more days I will be putting it back to sleep for another year or so (or sooner if there is a need to rehydrate it before then).  Today I used some of the 'discard' and made sourdough blueberry muffins. They were pretty good!

Gather recipes of herb season mixes I want to make.  Done!  I've chosen: a copycat version of Mrs. Dash Seasoning, a seasoned rice mix and Italian dressing seasoning mix.  What are some herb seasoning mixes that you make and use?  

Choose 5 herbs to study from my new Materia Medica of Western Herbs book.  Didn't get done!

In addition I canned more okra this week (given to us by a friend) and dried more herbs.

I received affiliate money from Amazon last week and used it to purchase this dehydrated butter and peanut butter powder.   

I so appreciate everyone who makes purchases like these possible.  I really do use it to add to and build up my pantry.

What about goals for this week, here you go ...

Plant carrots

Choose 5 herbs/conditions to study from my new Materia Medica of Western Herbs book.

Make up the herb seasoning mixes I've chosen.

Dehydrate and vacuum seal my sourdough starter.

Read and take notes on chapter 8 in Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables by Mike BubelChapter 8 is really long so my goal is only 1 chapter this week!

That's it for for this week, how did you do on your goals?


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  1. Hope you feel better. Take it easy for a bit.

    1. Kathy, thank you, I'm feeling even better today!

  2. We finished the pantry shelf and cleaned out and reorganized everything in that closet. Now I don't cringe every time that door is open. I was pretty proud of us since we had not gone through that closet in a very long time but only threw out 5 items that were past their prime.

    This week--
    Thoroughly clean the refrigerator. Something smells funky in there.
    Mow the lawn after our neighbor boy cleans up all the downed sticks and limbs. We are happy to pay for this about once a month.
    Appointment with our alternative practitioner for my husband. He has been dealing with some skin cancer and I am so thankful that she can treat it without him having to have anything cut.
    Breakfast with friends.
    Clean the house top to bottom. DONE!
    Begin going through the pantry cabinets in the kitchen. I hope to do one section a week which will take 6 weeks.
    Get my hair cut.

    I hope you are feeling better soon! Let me know if you need help with anything.

    1. Lana, thank you, I mowed the yard Saturday afternoon in a jacket and mask, but the change in the weather still brought out my respiratory issues! Its sounds like you're really doing a good job of using and rotating your pantry if all you had to toss was 5 items! Now that almost all of our fall garden is planted I'm going to turn my focus on cleaning our house from top to bottom too.

  3. So glad you're feeling better, Patsy. As for seasoning mixes I make some simple ones using the fresh herbs from my garden. Take 1/2 cup fresh her such as basil, rosemary or sage, or any combination that you like of fresh herbs and grind in the food processor with 1/2 cup kosher salt. Spread out on a cookie sheet and bake at 250 for 20 minutes stirring after 10 minutes. Cool and then grind again. I also make something from already dried herbs called chicken scratch seasoning. The recipe is on South your
    As for my goals last week, I thought I'd have a somewhat quiet week with just making and reading. I guess the watchword here is flexibility because it didn't turn out that way. I did bake two loaves of raise bread and made a new recipe for gluten free baked apple fritters. Didn't get to the soap or reading. Instead the freezer got defrosted. Two quarts of beef bone broth got made, strawberry jam got made and two quarts of cream of zucchini soup Not on my goals list but we now have more room in the freezer to accommodate more things that will be harvested.

    This week's goals include making English muffins, which I will do today, making cauliflower gnocchi for the freezer. Most of my time this week will be spent reorganizing my craft room as a shelving unit we ordered will be arriving tomorrow.

    1. Cookie, thank you for sharing your seasoning mix, I'm going to check out the chicken scratch seasoning too! I truly do know what you mean by flexibility being a watchword at your house, it is at mine too. I set goals every week knowing full well that things can change without notice. I've found its just easier to go with the flow when that happens and get on with the task at hand. I hope you're able to achieve your goals, especially getting your craft room reorganized!!

  4. Good morning, Patsy! Hope you are on the mend! This week is full of medical and other appointments for me, so my weekly list is quite small. My morning medical test, yesterday, had to be rescheduled to this afternoon, as they did not give me full prep instructions. Argh!!!! I'm "working" the Holiday Grand Plan again this year, to give my home a thorough cleaning before the holidays, and want to complete my Master bedroom this week -- windows, carpet, drawers, closets. In terms of pantry prep, apples, squash, and grapes are coming to market with more regularity and I want to get to SW Michigan to get some before too much longer (and visit with my mother, too). My plan is to go Thursday afternoon, so I have all day Friday and much of Saturday to make my applesauce, juice, and put up some squash (not sure if I'll freeze or finally break out the pressure canner). I also want to get my deck-rail boxes (where my herbs grow) and planters used for my vegetables cleaned out and stored for the winter months. I also need to get spring bulbs planted. One thing I wanted to ask about -- several weeks ago, you posted about canning a vinegar-based cole slaw, with the intent to add mayo before serving to make it a creamy slaw. Have you tried it yet? Cabbage will be harvested in the not-too-distant future here, and creamy cole slaw is my preference. Any thoughts to share?
    Lori K

    1. Lori, yes, we tried the vinegar-based slaw with and without the mayo. We liked it both ways so will be doing more! I am feeling better, thank you for asking ... my asthma is something I take very seriously!

    2. Thank you, Patsy! So glad you're feeling better. I suffer from seasonal allergies, so I totally understand. The high mold count here, combined with the ash from the West Coast fires that has reached the Midwest, is not helping things here. Please take care!


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