Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Halloween Treats!

 Every year I try to put together some kind of inexpensive Halloween treat for the little people in our lives.

It's that time of year again and here's what I'm doing  ...

These are so cute in real life and turned out better than I anticipated.

The small orange containers came from the Dollar Tree and were 4 for $1.  Each little container has 'trick or treat' printed on the side (See picture at end of post).

The orange tissue paper came from my gift wrapping supplies. (I purchased it on clearance several years ago.)

I took the tissue paper and cut it in half and then in half again and lined the inside of each container.  Inside the tissue paper I put individually wrapped candy that I purchased specifically for this purpose.

I then set the tissue paper, candy filled, trick or treat container inside a clear plastic baggie.  (We purchased a bulk box of these several years ago and use them for all kinds of gift giving.)

After that it was time to see what I had on hand to tie it all up.  I was so excited when my eyes landed on this 'trick or treat' ribbon!  What a perfect match!
(I purchased the ribbon several years ago on clearance too!)

Here they are in a basket ready for delivery!

With the covid virus still hanging around this fall, I'm not sure what Halloween will look like, but I wanted to do something for the little people in my life anyway.

Final cost for each treat is approximately $.50 each.

Here's what the little containers look like before being transformed into Halloween treats.

What are you doing for Halloween this year for the little people in your life?


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  1. We like to make baggies if candy for the neighborhood kids. They don't come to our door so we hand them to them before the day. This is a happy thing for us!

    1. Lana, our plan is to hand them out the week of Halloween. I bet you're popular with the neighbor kids!!

  2. And I hit post before saying, your treats are so cute!!

  3. So cute! And so handy to have so many of the supplies already on hand.
    I live in a small apt. building with only one or two little ones so we don't normally do anything here. The street where I used to live (about a 5 minute drive) is in an area that usually does a ton of decorating so it's fun to just go and see what they've done. The medical authorities are still making a decision as what will happen here for Halloween. I think they would like to let the kids go out - they just have to figure out how.

    1. Margie, I don't know what will be decided for our area either, but I can still hand out these little goodies to the little people in our lives. I like to see the decorating too ... as long as it's not of a really scary nature!

  4. Patsy, what a cute idea. Only little ones at this time are my 2 year old grandson and a 2 month old grandson so live three hours away. However, for my local grown up friends and family I'm making funny Halloween cards to give them a little lift.

    1. Cookie, love, love, love the funny Halloween card idea! I may have to borrow that idea!

  5. Your treats are sooo cute!!
    I know the little ones will be so excited.


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