Thursday, January 28, 2021

Companion Planting???

In and around all the winter deep cleaning and garden planning I've been doing this month, I've also been researching companion planting.  I want my garden to thrive and produce to it's fullest and it seems that companion planting has the potential to help it do that.

Certain plants work well together and are actually beneficial to each other, I want to know what they are and plant accordingly.

Here are some examples ...

Marigolds ... helps deter bad insects when planted near tomatoes

Calendula ... attracts beneficial insects as well as helps pollinate other plants

Lavender ... attracts beneficial insects plus has the added bonus of it's lovely fragrance

Basil ... reportedly improves the flavor of tomatoes

and ...

Onions (or any other allium) ... helps deter bad insects when planted near carrots

Do you do any companion planting?  If so, please share from your experience.  Can you recommend a good book on the topic, website or Youtube channel?  I really want to expand what I did last year and do more companion planting.

Until next time ...

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  1. Being that I now container garden on my deck only, I haven't followed companion planting practices, though I remember that my grandparents did years ago. They had a small farm and grew produce for our family. I vividly remember Gram telling me why she grew marigolds in her vegetable garden. They were also way ahead when it came to composting and recycling. Grandpa even made his own can crusher, so they had more space in the garage to accumulate cans for taking to sell to the scrap yard. Gram subscribed to Mother Earth News, Prevention, and a couple of other herbal journals, which I'd read when we visited. I was fascinated by that information! And, when we cleaned out their house after both had passed, we found their original juicer -- probably from the mid'1960s. Oh, how I miss them and the knowledge they shared!

    A quick search found a nice companion planting chart that may be helpful.

    Park Seed Company also has an informative blog post on companion planting, at

    1. Lori, I would have loved your your grandparents! I checked out both of the links you shared. I learned things I didn't know and will add the info to my list! Thank you so much!

  2. Hmmm....yes the two pots of tomatoes nearest the big pot of basil every summer on my deck have the best flavor. I always wondered why!

    1. Lana, I plan on planting more basil this year, you just can't beat a flavor filled tomato fresh from the garden!

  3. Rodell Institute. I learned a LOT from their books.


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