Friday, February 26, 2021

A Journal of My Days: 2/26/2021

We have had a wonderful week weather wise!  The temps have been in the 60's and 70's most days with less rain!  After the weather of last week, this week's weather seemed like a gift!

For my baking day this week, I did bread, rolls and with the discard I made these sourdough chocolate chip cookiesI didn’t have the amount of chocolate chips the recipe called for so I chopped up mini chocolate candy bars I had on hand to finish out the amount needed.  They were delicious!

So far, I’ve collected recipes for using sourdough discard that include sourdough pie shells, sourdough pizza dough, sourdough brownies, sourdough chocolate chip cookies, sourdough rolls and loaf bread.  I haven’t made the pie shells or pizza dough yet, but will be doing so soon.  Can you tell I’m really trying not to waste the discard from my sourdough starter!!

I was able to get some gardening done this week.   I planted spring onions, the variety ‘Candy’ onions, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.   These are all cold hardy plants so should do well.  In about 3 weeks I’ll do another planting of cabbage and again about 3 weeks from that date.  This will allow us to have fresh cabbage available for a longer period of time.

I was also able to get some seeds started in the greenhouse.  We’re about 6 weeks away from our last frost date so I needed to get our tomato seeds along with several others started.

And finally, read about my ‘turmeric harvest’ surprise in this post.  That was quite a harvest!

I also harvested horseradish and ginger the same day.  I’m in the process of chopping and drying all three of these to add to my pantry.

When all the harvesting of the turmeric, ginger and horseradish was completed, I replanted 2 containers of each for next year’s harvest using some of what I had harvested.

I needed some markers for labeling the seeds I started in the greenhouse so I cut them from broken mini-blinds creating a point to stick in the soil.  (I used scissors to cut the point.)

I used a permanent marker to write on each marker.

We had to run an errand in town one day this week and stopped by a local grocery store because they had pot pies on sale and we wanted to get some for the freezer.  Imagine our surprise when hubby saw these 2 lb sausage rolls on sale for $1.99!  It was one of those unadvertised ‘while supplies last’ kind of sales and we took advantage of it.  We now have a nice supply of sausage in the freezer part of our pantry!

I hope everyone's week has been better and that you've been able to enjoy it more.

What did you do to add to your pantry, live frugally or 'look well to the ways of your household?'


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  1. Great deal on the sausage and the mini bind plant markers are genius! I would be looking for ways to use the sourdough discard, too. It was 72 here yesterday but today it will be 48 and more rain. Crazy weather!

    We spent the week getting ready to head for the lake for two weeks. It will be good for my husband to get away and let his brain rest for a bit. My Mom is in the hospital in Florida and it is so hard to get information and my sister could not go in until she got a clear Covid test. It is hard to be far away and not be able to travel that far but we could not go in t see her if we did. It would put my husband into a tail spin that would be very difficult to get through far from home.

    We got many great deals at Publix this week and some free items as well. Every little bit helps keep the pantry stocked! I ordered from my husband's Medicare supplement provider where he gets $50 in free supplies every three months. It would be a shame to let those freebie supplies be lost to not getting them because they do not roll over the credit. I was quite surprised by how large the boxes of Band-Aids were! What we would get at the local stores in a box of 10-20 is a box of 100!

    1. Lana, I'm sorry your mom is in the hospital, I understand about hospital rules right now, it's really heartbreaking for the patient and the family. I will be praying for your mom and that your sister can get in to see her soon. Sounds like you shopped prudently with your $50 in free supplies. Enjoy your time at the lake, I hope you and your husband can rest and relax.

  2. This past week, for me, I didn't add anything to my pantry. I stayed out of the grocery store for the last 2 weeks and used what I had on hand. For me, I count that as a win. I've been focusing on reducing waste, and that meant repurposing left-overs for lunch -- left-over pot roast into BBQ for sandwiches (lunch) and to top macaroni and cheese (dinner), and left-over meatloaf into sloppy joe's for lunch, among others. Planning for my deck box and container garden plantings is underway. Now just to get some seed started.

    1. Lori, anytime we can stay out of the grocery store is a win! Good for you! Sounds like you're doing really well repurposing the leftovers too!

  3. Patsy, I want you to know that you inspire me. I don't do as much stocking up as I used to...smaller family unit and less time...and HUGE amount that is going to waste because I can't use it before it spoils....but reading your posts keeps my mind thinking of ways to save money, even if I am not currently adding to my pantry. Thank you.

    1. Cass, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! Wisdom in keeping a well-stocked pantry is recognizing and realizing when our methods need to change. Sounds like you're doing that, good for you.


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