Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Another Day of Gardening!

 Our high temp today was 65 degrees and the sun put in an appearance around mid-day.  It was the perfect day for spending in the garden and that's what I did ... actually I spent a couple of hours playing in the dirt and planting these ...

This is the raised bed that I planted the candy onions in yesterday  I planted broccoli in the other half.

This raised bed is home to brussels sprouts and 3 cabbage plants.  We've enjoyed our fresh from the garden brussels sprouts throughout this winter so much that we want to a get spring planting in for further enjoyment!

Here are the rest of the cabbage plants. In another 2 - 3 weeks we'll do another planting of cabbage so we can spread the harvest out over a longer period of time.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day and I hope to do more planting.  This is the stretch of warm sunshine filled days I was waiting for to get the spring planting done.  I need to get the summer crop seeds started in the greenhouse... tomatoes, peppers, etc.  We are approximately 6 weeks away from our last frost date so it's time!  

We're not finished with cold weather, we'll have more, but for now, I'm enjoying the respite from winter cold!


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  1. How wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy this nice weather! It is still so wet and muddy here that we are staying on hard surfaces for a bit longer.

    1. Lana, our row garden is still too wet and muddy, but thankfully the raised beds and container garden are a go. We have water standing in a lot of places and all the ditches are full so we have a ways to go yet.


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