Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Turmeric Surprise!

I knew today was supposed to be a beautiful day with highs predicted in the 70's, so I made my spring gardening 'to-do' list early this morning.

Harvest dandelions  (our yard is full of them this year)

Start tomato, pepper, flower and herb seeds in the greenhouse

Plant raspberry bushes (these were transplants from thinning out our raspberry patch last year, we put them in pots so they could get the TLC they needed in order to thrive in their new location this year.)

Plant blackberry bushes (the pots my blackberry bushes were in met a sad demise (I'll have to share that story in another post! I really messed up!) and ...

Prune and fertilize rose bushes

The only thing on that list I got done was the rose bushes pruned and here's why ...

I was out in the container garden area pruning rose bushes (yes, I have roses in my container garden area) and I noticed the pot I grew turmeric in last year.  Knowing that it was time to plant turmeric for this year I walked over to the container and brushed my gloved hand over the top of the soil ... I felt turmeric bulbs!

That's all it took, I had to know if there was any more in the pot.  (I've been trying to grow turmeric for a couple of years and each year the harvest has been small and I've just replanted it.)  I started digging and digging and digging ... here's what I dug up ...

All this came from one 25 gallon container (like the one in the picture)

Here it is in a bowl ...

After the first washing ...  (a small handful of these came out of a container in the greenhouse but I decided not to harvest anymore of it and leave it for using on an as needed basis.)

And finally, I amended the soil and replanted (from what I had dug up) for next year's harvest!

I had no idea there was this much turmeric in that pot, what a nice surprise!

It has been my goal to grow turmeric, horseradish and ginger in order to be able to make cider fire and I think the turmeric part of the trio is a success.  (Yes, I know I can purchase all three of these at the grocery store, but I'm really trying to grow as much of what we use as possible.)


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