Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Journal of My Days: 3/6/2021

The first part of the week was warm, the last part not so much!  But, that's the way the weather is here this time of the year so we take it all in stride and plan accordingly.

Today, it was finally dry enough to get our row garden tilled.  The plan is to get our potatoes planted next week.  We normally have them in the ground the first part of February, but we've had so much rain that it just wasn't possible.  We are forecast to have a string of non rain days for a few days and everyone in our area is getting their gardens ready to do spring planting.

We purchased seed potatoes earlier to plant but we're also going to be planting some we grew last year, to see if they will reproduce again this year.  If they do, this will be the 3rd year we will have been able to carry viable potatoes over from one year to the next for planting purposes.  I have high hopes!

I also found a few leftover fingerling potatoes mixed in with the potatoes we grew last year and I'm going to plant those as well.  These are such yummy little potatoes and I would love to be able to grow them every year from my own stock.  They are hard to find in our local grocery stores and quite expensive if you do!

See the picture ... I told you there were a few, but I'm hoping that with time I can turn these few into an ample supply of fingerling seed potatoes.

I'll also be burying sweet potatoes in some soil in the greenhouse to get my sweet potato starts growing.

In this post I shared that we had done a little more pantry stocking and showed 3 different types of beans (Northern Beans, Lentils and Kidney Beans) that we were adding.  I could have vacuum sealed them in jars, sealed them in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers,  put them in the freezer or in a bucket along with bay leaves for long term storage, but the way I chose was to leave them in their original bags and vacuum seal them in vacuum sealer bags using a vacuum sealer.  Notice how tight and crinkled the bags are, this is a good sign that all the air has been removed, which is what you want.  These will now go in a lidded container in my pantry.  

I didn't have a baking day this week, there was just too much going on so instead of discarding my discard after feeding Prudence, I kept it and fed it.  I fed it a couple more times and then spread it out on a freezer paper lined baking sheet and started the process of drying it for long term storage.  (I use these baking sheets for so many things ... baking cookies, sheet pan meals, drying different items that can just air dry and so much more.  I have 3 of them and they all get plenty of use.)

In the picture, this is the discard about 36 hours after the drying process started.  As you can see it doesn't like much being completely dry.  I'll break it up into smaller pieces when it's completely dry and run it through a grinder.  After that it'll go in a jar, be vacuum sealed and added to a pantry shelf.  Prudence has such a lovely sourdough smell that I always want to make sure that I have an ample supply on hand for myself and to share with others.

I'm still spreading the mulch I told you we purchased for $.15/bag in this postI think it's going to take me a while to get it all spread!  What do you think!!! This is what I still have left!!!

I started sifting last year's compost using the wheel barrow sifter my hubby made for me recently.  I've just gotten started and have quite a bit more to do.  The compost is so light and rich, it's full of earth worms too which is a sign of healthy soil.  My garden will benefit greatly from it!

I haven't had much time to spend at my sewing machine lately, even finding small increments of 15 minutes is hard during this busy season.  I'll get back to my sewing as soon as I can find a few minutes to spare!

What did you do to add to your pantry, live frugally or 'look well to the ways of your household?'


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  1. Potato planting? Not yet 😂 We have about a foot of snow and more is coming, today maybe two more inches. I have saved some of my last summer specials, pink and purple potatoes, as seedlings, I hope they haven't dried too much.
    But, spring is on it's way.

    1. Ulvmor, I hope your seed potatoes survive until time to plant them and yes, spring is on its way!

  2. Patsy, I didn't know there was such a thing as "seed potatoes" til I was an adult. LOL My father always saved enough potatoes from his harvest to plant the following year. The smaller the potato the more likely it would get cut in half and one wanted to peel the small ones for a big family so we threw them into the first empty egg basket to save for replanting (I miss those commercial egg baskets. They were WONDERFUL for storing produce) I hope your fingerling potatoes grow like gang busters for you so you never have to buy them again.

    1. Cass, I love your comment! I'm trying to get back to this old way of having potatoes for planting year after year. I'd like to find some of those commercial egg baskets myself, I agree they are great for storing produce.


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