Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Our Orchard Garden is Thriving!

 We are 'hip-deep' in gardening, harvesting and preserving produce from our garden as a whole, but I wanted to share about our orchard garden today.

What is an orchard garden?  For us it's raised beds and containers placed strategically in and around the fruit trees in our small orchard.  Having trouble envisioning what I'm talking about, maybe these pictures will help ...

Allow me to give you a tour of our orchard garden ... in this picture you see our arched raised bed where I have carrots, garlic chives, lima beans, green beans, cabbage and brussels sprouts planted and or growing ...

In the other 2 raised beds there are more cabbage, onions and brussels sprouts growing (I harvested the broccoli today and preserved it)

In the red containers in the distance there are 3 different varieties of tomatoes and 3 different varieties of peppers planted.

On the far left are grape vines and in and around the raised beds are various fruit trees (pear, apple, peach and plums)

In the greenhouse are lemon, orange and lime trees and a bay leaf tree.

We are trying to utilize our space as best we can while growing as much as we can.

Here's a different view ...

And finally this is one side of the arched raised bed where there are garlic chives, brussels sprouts and cabbage growing.  I planted green beans in the 'empty' space yesterday.  On the other side are carrots (that I'm harvesting and preserving as they become ready), more garlic chives and recently planted lima beans.

Our national news tonight did a segment on the rising cost of food and stated that food prices would continue to rise over the next 6 - 18 months!  Its time to be pro-active and up the gardening and pantry-stocking at my house!

Do you have a plan for surviving the predicted rising food prices?


A Working Pantry

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  1. When our three year old grandson arrived last week for a visit he came in the house and said, "Nana, you live in the woods!" Therefore, our gardening is small and we focus on just a few things on our little bit of sunny part of our deck. So, we are fortunate to have the discount grocery stores that really save us money and also several chains where we can glean the deals. Last week when we could buy colored peppers 3/1.39 we stocked the freezer with cut peppers. This week green beans are as low as they go in our area so we will stop tomorrow morning while we are out and buy a good amount to can. The discount grocers get restaurant frozen veggies that are very high quality and very low priced so we keep our eyes open and buy when they have them. One store has six pound bags of frozen FF for 1.99 right now. Two weeks ago we bought 12 pounds of frozen Angus burgers at 1.50 a pound and they are delicious. We also got 30 ounce rolls of sugar cookie dough for 65 cents each. We bought six and baked one for the kids visit and five went into the freezer. They are delicious cookies for less than I could make them from scratch. We never know what deals will come our way so we keep an open mind about what is available and how we could use it. Even though I don't think I have ever bought a roll of sugar cookie dough in my life I was more than happy to give them a try. Any of you out there who may have seen a store in your area that is in a sometimes out of the way less prosperous end of town, stop in and have a look. One of our stores carries expensive organic brands that we would find at stores like Whole Foods for pennies on the dollar. Last week we bought Pete and Gerry's organic eggs for $1 a dozen and organic yogurt smoothies for 2.99 a case. Ask around and see if you can find these stores. This one is on a side street in a downtown area of a smaller town near us and the door opens right on the sidewalk. We never would have found it if a friend had not told us.

    1. I envy all the shopping options you have, I would be doing the same thing you're doing if we did. How blessed we all are to have different options for keeping our pantries well-stocked!

  2. I was remiss in not saying that your gardens and orchards are beautiful. I adore an English garden but your garden is much more lovely than that!

    1. Lana, thank you, our gardens fit our needs and spacing!

  3. Hi,
    Your garden looks wonderful. We need to plant ours, but the ground has been too wet since it keeps raining. Soon I hope.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Laura, I hope you've been able to get your garden planted!

  4. Hope everything is ok, and that you are busy with your gardens.

    1. Kathy, thank you for your inquiry, everything is okay, I'll have a post up soon!


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