Thursday, May 13, 2021

Doing A Little Sewing!

 For the last 2 evenings I've been working on this half apron and tonight I finished it.

This little half apron was made for a specific purpose and that was to hold a bottle of water, a phone and asthma medication when I'm outside walking.   (Can you see how I divided up the pocket area into 3 sections?)

It's made like a waitress/waiter apron only I made it a bit deeper/longer to hold the items I wanted to carry, enabling me to be able to walk 'hands-free.'

I used a package of double fold bias tape and less than a half yard of fabric.  The only other thing, as far as materials go, that I used was thread and of course my sewing machine!  It was simple to stitch up and will make my walks outside more productive!

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  1. Love your apron. What a great idea. Cookie

  2. I love your apron too! So pretty and cheerful and useful!

  3. Cool apron! Perfect for gardening.
    I used to wear them, but now I have a couple of those cobbler abrons that snap up the front. I am a messy cook, and they have saved my clothes many times.


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