Tuesday, May 11, 2021

On This Day: 5/11/21

My day started with the normal stuff:  bathroom, bottle of water, Bible study, oil pulling and breakfast and then it was off to town to run an errand and check out possible gas shortages in our area.  What we found surprised us ... long, long lines at every single gas station that had gas.  Some gas stations were out!  This afternoon when we checked on the gasoline situation we learned that prices had risen $.10/gallon from the price it was this morning when we were in town.  Officials are urging everyone not to hoard gasoline and to only purchase what is needed.  Until this is over we will be very careful with the amount of driving we do!

Once we got back home, I headed out for a walk working on the 10,000 steps I try to get in everyday. 

I had noticed earlier in the day that our strawberries were ready to harvest again so that was the next thing on my to-do list.  I harvested about a gallon of berries, brought them in washed and capped them.  My plan for these berries is to liquify and dehydrate them turning them into strawberry powder for use in smoothies.  I'll wait until morning to put them in the dehydrator so they can have all day to dry if needed.

While doing my daily 'garden walk' I noticed that our elderberries are getting ready to break out in full bloom.  This year I'll be watching them closely as I want to harvest some of them in the flowering stage for use in herbal remedies.

A check on the chickens let me know that we still don't have baby chicks.  After gathering the eggs I brought them in, washed and got them ready to give to the twin's mom.  One of the twins spent the afternoon with us while she took the other one for a doctor visit.  When she got back to our house she was delighted to get the eggs.

For our main meal of the day we had chicken gizzards, home-canned pinto beans and left over home-canned roasted okra.

I placed an Amazon order for this protein powder that I add to smoothies. I'm almost out and  I've used this brand for several years and am pleased with it.  (This container will last close to a year!)  Since I also had a bit of affiliate money that I've been saving, I added this book, The Grow System by Marjory Wildcraft, to the order.  I've been a fan of Marjory Wildcraft and her Grow Network for several years and look forward to adding this book to my library.  (I consider my home library an important part of my preparedness.)

I still lacked some steps reaching my exercise goal of 10,000 steps so after the twins and their mom left, I pulled up a Leslie Sensone Walk-Away the Pounds video on Youtube and completed that.  About mid-way through the notification went off letting me know I had reached my step goal but I kept going and finished the video.  I'm happy with my current strength and fitness level and am diligently working to maintain it.  ( Like my home-library, I consider a certain level of fitness to be an important part of my preparedness.)

I strained up calendula oil, plantain oil, arnica oil and comfrey oil.  I've had these oils 'in the works' for several weeks and it was time to strain them up.  I'll do a second straining tomorrow once the oils have had a chance to settle and then bottle them up for use in herbal remedies.

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That's it for today, are you experiencing gasoline shortages in your area?


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  1. We are in the same boat with the gas shortages. Most stations are out here but a few have gas here and there. Our governor said the pipeline should be back up and running by the weekend so here's hoping.

    1. This morning our nearest town was completely out of gas, then one station got a load in and the line was really long in every direction. I sure hope this is resolved soon!

    2. They restarted the pipeline around 5 PM so I think in a day or two all will be back to normal.

    3. Lana, Yeah!!!!! I'm ready for it get back to normal!

  2. May I ask what oil you use for oil pulling

  3. Sounds like a busy day!
    We are having gas shortages in VA too. These are surely strange times. I read where colonial pipeline paid 5 million in ransom which makes me wonder if others will attempt hacking utilities. I think our electric grid is in bad shape too
    Thanks for all your information to help us get prepared.

    1. Kathy, oh my, I had not heard that about the 5 million, and I think you're right about the power grid. I think a lot of people are waking up to the need to do some level of preparing for the 'what-if.' Thank you for your encouragement!


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