Sunday, June 13, 2021

Goals: 6/13/21

I tried, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned.  About mid-week I realized that my goals list was just not going to happen so I set it aside and let it go!

(picture:  our onions are really growing, this is the first year that I've been able to get them beyond marble size!  Right now, most of them are in the 2 - 3 inch width range.) 

Here's what my goals list (that didn't get done) looked like …

Finish preserving potatoes … Didn’t get done, not one single potato was touched!

Check green beans for possible first harvest … I checked them, picked them, snapped them and now they are sitting in my refrigerator waiting to be canned.  

Harvest and preserve squash …  I got the harvesting part done, but they're still waiting to be preserved!

Read chapters 3 - 5 in The Grow System by Majory Wildcraft   … I started reading chapter 3, but that’s as far as I got … starting!

Go on a ‘coin/change’ hunt in the house, vehicle, purse, etc and add it to savings.  LOL, I started this too, I found $4.76 worth of change in my purse, but I didn’t get around to looking in any of the other places change gets put and forgotten.

Stitch up another full apron.  Yes, I am stitching up another apron!  The goal is to have an apron for each day of the week!  Didn’t get done!  I thought about it, but that is as far as it got!

Finish ‘finishing’ the two cross stitch mini pillows I have started and start stitching another one … again, didn’t get done!

Walk at least 10 miles … Finally, something I did get done!  I walked 12 miles!

Have Bible study time each day. … Another thing I did get done!

Spend at least 1 hour working on lessons from the herbal course I'm taking from Herbal Academy… didn’t get done!

Hmmm, maybe I should have titled this post ‘didn’t get done!’

I did harvest calendula flowers, a few raspberries and spotted our first ripening tomato.

Not a very productive week as far as my goals go, but there is a lot of behind the scene things going on right now that are time consuming.  

This week is going to be another full week so I’m not going to set any goals.  I’ll report in next Sunday on what I was able to do … this week I’m just planning to ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ and see what happens!

How did you do with your goals?


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  1. Sometimes life has other plans. I set goals, but accept that they change due to others’ needs or the weather. That’s the good thing about goals; very few have to actually meet a deadline! I have traces off the pattern to make a top like the ones you made for summer. It is such a cute pattern that I was inspired to try one. Maybe I’ll do it today? Lol

    1. Matty, I share the same philosophy as you when it come to goals. I hope you enjoy your new top!

  2. Some weeks are just like that. It becomes self-preservation, and that is what's most important. Adding you to my prayer list, that He will give you guidance in your needs.

    1. Lori, thank you, a few more days and things should be all sorted out and back to what's normal for us!


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