Friday, June 25, 2021

Today's Harvest!!!

All the work we've put in creating our raised beds, container garden and row garden ...

All the planting and caring for each plant ...

and all the planning is paying off!

Look at today's harvest, from bottom to top ...

tomatoes ...

squash in the bottom of the second bucket with tomatoes on top of them with peppers on top of the tomatoes ...

tomatoes in the third bucket with bell peppers on top ...

echinacea flower petals for making oil for salves ...

echinacea leaves for making oil for salves ...

strawberries ...

catnip ...

not shown in the picture, but harvested today as well ...




and calendula flowers

Yes, I have been busy today, it was a productive day and one that added to our pantry or will add to our pantry in the near future!

How is your garden growing, what are you harvesting?


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  1. WOW! One handful of green beans here so far.

    1. Lana, our green beans have been harvested and preserved. The next bean for us will be lima beans but they're still a couple of weeks away.

  2. Wonderful harvest Patsy!! Chard, radishes, scallions, basil, oregano, rosemary and sage here. The spring beets are almost ready and the zucchini has loads of fruit on it so I'm anticipating sometime soon to start those.

    1. Cookie, you're about to get even more busy!

  3. You have an amazing garden! That is a lot of produce, and work too!

    1. Yes, it is and it's also food security which makes me feel pretty good with all the current food shortages.

  4. and here I am congratulating myself on the two inch growth of my tomato plant, lol...

    1. Terri, LOL, before long those 2 inches will turn into full grown!

  5. I am so envious! It has been pouring here all weekend. As much as we have needed the rain -- we've been in a severe drought all Spring, this rain needs to go!!! We've gotten somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 1/2" of rain since Thursday night and it's still coming down and is predicted to continue into next week. I was unable to harvest my basil, oregano, chives, or parsley. I have carrots and leaf lettuce ready for harvest, and my deck pots of peppers and tomatoes are sitting in standing water. They are in huge self-watering pots (good, since I am frequently tending to my mother on weekends) that have no more water retention capacity. Hopefully, the rains will let up later tonight or by tomorrow morning, so I can drain out some of that standing water. Because of the heavy rains and strong winds we had today (more tornado watches and warnings here in greater Chicagoland), I did NOT get to my favorite Michigan farm stands this weekend. Hoping we get a couple of dry days next week, where I can get some good produce.

    On a positive note, I was gifted a barely used breadmaker minus the manual. But I found the instructions (with some yummy recipes) in PDF online and printed out a copy. Looking forward to giving it a try tomorrow.

    1. Lori, we went through the same thing here a few weeks back. The rain let up for a while but now we're back to it raining 4 - 5 days a week. So thankful that my garden is set up the way it is and can handle quite a bit of rain. Glad you found an online manual for your breadmaker!


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