Monday, June 14, 2021

Working Pantry Bootcamp: 6/14/21

 Our pantry building assignment for last week was ...

today is the 7th day of June so the assignment for this week is to add 7 items to your pantry.  They can be for any area of your pantry and can be any thing you use in your pantry.

What seven things did I add to my pantry ...

all the items came from the Dollar Tree ...

2 jars green olives
2 cans black olives
2 jars mushroom pieces
2 packages dental floss

(These are all products that we use on a regular basis from the Dollar Tree.)

I'm pretty pleased with what I was able to do and I loved reading about what everyone else added.  Your comments inspire me!

Our assignment for this week is ...

What is the 2nd letter in your middle name? Add something to your pantry that begins with that letter. It can be anything that begins with the 2nd letter of your middle name. 

Let's have some fun and see what we do with this one!


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  1. I've added a batch of fresh strawberry jam to my pantry -- 6 half-pints and 5 4-oz. jars. Some will go to my daughter and to my mother, but at least half will go into my pantry. Additionally, I added 2 quarts of fresh strawberries to my freezer, in single-serve quantities -- some sliced and some crushed, for use in smoothies, for shortcake topping, and as pancake and waffle toppings. I've heard cherries are starting, but not sure if they're sweet or tart cherries. If tart, I'll can up some pie filling. I don't make much with sweet cherries, other than enjoy them as a snack.

    1. Lori, I'm sure your mom and daughter will be thrilled to receive the strawberry jam. Strawberries have so many uses, don't they! Strawberry season is over for our area, blueberries are next then cherries. You are making good use of what you have!

  2. We are a growing family of 9 so our pantry always needs something. I decided to stock up on 7 items in bulk instead of 7 single items. We were able to pick up a case each of ketchup, applesauce,tomato paste, tortilla chips, and graham crackers from ALDI. My 7th stock up item up item was some powdered and brown sugar for birthday cakes and holiday baking. I got 4 bags of each.

    1. MammaBear, you're a wise and prudent woman!

  3. E is the 2nd letter of my middle name. I added eggs from my chickens and also envelopes to my pantry this week..

    1. Eggs and envelopes are both useful items! You did good!

  4. We were out of town most of the week so I did not get mine done. I did pick up a gadget at Home Goods from the clearance Isle for $2. It is for taking the stem ends off green beans by handful amounts. I will be interested to see if it is a help or just a useless gadget. We will be picking green beans here in probably ten days. While we were gone our discount grocery had cases of green beans for only $5. I hope they have that deal again this summer to fill up my jars.

    1. Lana, a case of green beans for $5 is almost unheard of!!! I hope they have the same deal again this summer for you too!

  5. E is the second letter of my middle name. I made additions to the freezer pantry by making 2 dozen empanadas using a variety of leftovers and a loaf of English muffin bread.

    1. Cookie, you amaze me with all your wisdom and thinking ahead! I bet those empanadas are delicious and you can't beat the convenience of having them ready to thaw, cook and eat!


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