Monday, September 27, 2021

A Journal of My Days: 9/27/21

 Our high temps are in the 80's with lows dipping into the 60's at night, that's early fall temps for us!  These temps tell us that we need to finish harvesting the summer garden and get anything we plan to plant for fall harvesting in the ground, so that's what we worked on today.

Here's what I harvested today ...

4 different varieties of peppers ... this is the last of our peppers as I pulled the plants after harvesting from them.

I dug a few more sweet potatoes as well and gathered eggs from our chickens.

Later in the day we decided to get the row garden ready for fall planting.

We planted ...

turnip greens
tender greens (mustard greens)

We'll eat the greens fresh once they're up and ready but I'll also be dehydrating and turning them into a nutritious greens powder to add to soups, stews, casseroles, broths, etc.

We're tired tonight, but it's a satisfying tired if you know what I mean!

Until next time!


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