Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Fitness Friday???

Since doing the series on getting physically fit as part of our preparedness, I've had several to reach out to me for more info and encouragement.  I've hesitated to do anything other than private messages because quite frankly, I'm no expert and I'm still on the journey.

Yes, I've reached my goal of weight loss and physical fitness but it's not over, I still have to maintain what I've lost and my level of physical fitness.

Once you decide to start on this kind of journey you have to realize that after reaching your goal you cannot go back to the old ways that got you where you felt like you needed to improve your fitness level.  Come face to face with  yourself in the mirror and decide if you're willing to change your lifestyle because that's what it all comes down to ... a permanent lifestyle change.

So, if you're interested in encouragement, tips and fellowship on getting physically fit, let me know.  I have some ideas but if there is little to no interest, I'll let it drop here.

Some of my ideas at the moment are sharing:


Failures (yes, I have them, have had them throughout this journey and know without a doubt that I will continue to have them)

Things that worked each week

Things that didn't work each week


Baby steps

I have more ideas I'll share later if this is a go.   It's over to you now, let me know if this is something you would be interested in, if not, that's quite okay.  One more thing, our reason for doing this will be coming from a place of preparedness, this is not about unrealistic body images.

Let me know in the comments what you're thoughts are ... I'll interpret no or few comments as not enough interest.  

If we go with this, the posts will come out every Friday starting the first Friday in November.


A Working Pantry

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

The first two entries in this series:

A Part of Preparedness We Don't Talk About Much

Preparedness and Physical Fitness, My Journey:  #1

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Some tools I'm using in my fitness journey:


Food Scale

Step Counter/tracker

Measuring cups   (The reason I went with these is the many different sizes)

Measuring spoons

Hand weights

Leslie Sansone Walk-A-Way the Pounds DVD

Chair Exercises for those times when standing exercises are not medically possible or advisable

Paper Calendar

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  1. I’d love this! I’m in desperate need.

  2. Yes, please. I rarely comment on blog posts, but I've been keeping up with yours for several months, after clicking your link on Annabelle's blog, Bluebirds are Nesting... I've had Leslie Sansone's Walk A Way the Pounds DVD's for quite a long time, but they've been unused for a few years. Motivation and being part of the group would be appreciated, even though I may not comment often.

  3. I would be interested in fitness. What helps and what doesn't, how to stay on track and any other tips you would be interested in sharing.

  4. I'm interested, Patsi! I need some motivation!

  5. I am on a journey to fitness. I have injured permanently so many joints that I am going to a physician just for fitness. I would like to hear what you do.


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