Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Harvesting Herbs Today!

Our day time temps are still in the mid 80's which means our herbs are still growing and producing.  I'm thrilled and today I took my snips and a bowl and headed out to do some harvesting.

Pictured are:

English Thyme
and oregano

Not pictured are:  wild worm, comfrey and the basil we harvested yesterday.  As you can image I have several containers filled with herbs occupying space in my kitchen.  I like to let them dry naturally if at all possible and a colander (my container of choice for drying herbs when not using a dehydrator) is perfect for allowing air flow.  I give them a good 'mixing' with my hands a couple of times a day so they don't clump together and possibly mold.  Other than that I give them time!

I still have nettles that need harvesting and plantain but after that they should hold for another couple of weeks!  

I love growing my own herbs, the fragrance of fresh herbs is just something to be enjoyed!

Until next time!


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  1. Oh the lovely aroma of harvesting herbs! You have a real bounty there.

    This morning I cut back my Aero garden and pulled out the thyme to plant in a pot. This is the first transplant and I will be interested to see how it does.

    1. Lana, We still have a few more weeks before I need to start moving my herbs that are in pots into the greenhouse. This year I plan to transfer some from 'in ground' to in pots and move to the greenhouse just in case our winter is colder than normal for our area. I wish you much success with your thyme!

  2. Patsi, I can imagine how good your cooking must taste having all of those garden herbs. We expanded our garden this year to give me a designated herb patch. I'd like to grow comfrey but I never can find any plants or seeds at any of the nurseries and I'm not sure why! It looks like I will have to order online. My dad has an old bathtub in one of his barns on the farm that he has promised me. I want to fill that up with mint.

    1. Kelsey, I had to order my comfrey online as I couldn't find it locally either. Now, I have it planted in several different places. If we lived close enough I would share enough with you to get you started. Old bath tubs are great for so many things and growing mint in one would be perfect!

  3. Your herbs look great Patsy. I am going to also dry nettles and add them into my greens. I have plenty here and they look healthy! xxx

    1. Annabel, I'm doing that too in addition to drying some for herbal remedies. Nettles are such a nutrition powerhouse!


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