Friday, November 12, 2021

Fitness Friday: 11/12/21

Last Saturday we kicked off our Fitness Friday feature and today we're doing our first official check-in.  Let's see how we did ...

Wins for the week:  I exercised 5 days this week for at least 30 minutes each day.  I didn't exercise that 6th day because I just really felt like my body needed some extra rest, so that's what I did.  I'm learning to listen to my body and what it's telling me it needs.  Another example of listening to my body was when I originally looked at those charts that tell you what you should weigh for your age and height ... the charts told me I needed to weigh 20 pounds less than I do now.  But, when I dipped a little lower than the 5 lb range I allow myself to stay in now, I noticed that I started not feeling as well so I did an experiment.  I stopped trying to lose weight and moved into maintenance mode.  Within a couple of days I was back to feeling what was normal for me.  I repeated the experiment and the same thing happened again.  I decided that those charts didn't know my body as well as I do and that I needed to stay in the weight range I'm in right now.

Another win this week was when we went out to eat at a Chinese buffet restaurant.  I've avoided buffet restaurants for the most part since starting my journey but when hubby suggested we go, I decided it was time to give my resolve a test.  So, I made a plan and worked that plan!  What was my plan?  It was to only make one trip to the buffet bar, that's it!  I wasn't going to limit what I could have, just the amounts.  While I filled my plate fuller than I do when eating at home (I love Chinese food) I didn't go back for seconds ... and that was a huge win for me because I really, really, really wanted more!!!

And another win for the week:  I stayed within my 5 lb goal range!

Failures for the week (Acknowledging our failures is important as they can be a powerful learning tool if we let them.):   I didn't drink as much water on a daily basis as I needed.   With all the construction and such going on in our home with the central heat and air installation this week, I wasn't as mindful of getting my daily water goals met.

Goal for the upcoming week:  First ... How did I do on my goal of 'No binge eating for the week'  and did the helps of placing sticky notes on the refrigerator and on the computer help?  Those sticky notes helped a lot ... just being honest here!  I hate to go back and use the reason of my house being topsy-turvy with the central heat and air installation, but it had its affect on me.  A couple of times I really wanted to sit down in the midst of all the jumble that had become my home and just eat away the stacks and piles.  A couple of times it was those notes that saved me and knowing full well when I stepped on those scales the next morning that I would regret it and not be happy with myself.

My goal for this week:  I have two ... (1) Drink at least 68 ounces of water each day.  (2) Test what I've learned with counting calories and portion sizes.  This week I want to take one day and not count calories ... can I control my portions?  Have I learned enough about what a portion of ____ should be without counting calories as a measure of how much?  I'm ready to start learning and experimenting to find out.  (My ultimate goal is not to have to count calories, but I don't intend to rush into it.  I've worked out a system to count calories that's working for me and will continue with it as long as I need to even if it's for the rest of what I hope and pray will be a much longer life.)

Okay, that's my update for this week.  I can't wait to read your updates/comments, let's work on getting and staying in better physical shape together!  Encouragement is so powerful!

Update:  I created a private FB group for Fitness Friday for those who would prefer to share in a more private setting.  Here's the link ... Fitness Friday .  My intentions are to keep this group small and build a private community for those who are serious about getting in better physical condition.


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  1. I've read that it's good to have a few extra pounds in the older years; that we feel better & recover from illnesses a little more easily with some extra weight on our bodies. So maybe those charts don't consider that? As I've said, I've lost 25 pounds in the st year & my dr seems to think that's a good amount but my husband thinks I should keep going. According to the carts, I really need to lose another 30. I admit to being a little discouraged facing the holidays with still so far to go....I do so enjoy holiday foods.

    I did meet my exercise goal, exercising every day. I consider even a gentle walk on my charts but I've done quite a bit more than usual with fewer responsibilities this week.

    I missed one day of stretches. I faced bedtime realizing I had procrastinated & couldn't bring myself to do them.

    My goals are the same: Exercise, stretch & plank every day.
    I also am going back to my normal routine of fasting through lunch at least three days this week.

    1. Jenny, I hear you on the holidays, my goal is to maintain and not gain. I'm going to have to take some deliberate steps and make a plan to make this happen. When I feel like I'm losing control I fast one meal a day, it helps me to get back in control. Love your goals for the week!


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