Sunday, January 30, 2022

Goals for 2022!

(We got a dusting of snow!  It was gone within 2 hours, but it was pretty while it lasted!  Snow is just so very rare here, even a dusting such as this is exciting and something to be enjoyed!)

I’ve spent the end of December and the month of January thinking and praying about what I want to achieve in 2022. 

I took this amount of time because I wanted to think through and make realistic goals that are achievable yet a little stretching.  

While I’m open to other opportunities, below is my basic goals list for 2022 …

Latest update:  October ... considering that we've dealt with "IT" this summer with one member of the family having long term "IT" effects, a serious fall for myself and a broken rib for hubby, I think we're doing pretty well meeting our goals for the year thus far!


Maintain weight loss and fitness level.  So far, so good ... I'm in my third year of making my health and fitness level a priority (that includes losing 65 lbs).  My energy level is better, I was able to reduce and come off of some of my meds, and I just feel so much better.  It's not easy to maintain and I'm very much aware that I have to work at this new level of health and fitness every single day.   You all know that I consider my pantry building and preparedness a 'work from home' job.  I work as hard at it as I did the 'go to the office' type jobs I once held.  I maintain my health and fitness with the same mindset and work on it every single day as well.

Continue studying the Bible daily.  Done!

Continue ‘Through the Scriptures’  Bible study course.  I've finished two courses/classes on Matthew and the first course/class on Mark.  I'm ready for the second course/class on Mark.

Continue ‘Digging Deep in God’s Word’ Bible study.  I finished 'The Hour Has Come' and started 'The God of All Comfort' in October.  Both studies can be accessed to the Digging Deep in God's Word link mentioned.

Continue teaching women and children’s Bible classes as opportunities arise.  So far this year I've taught and/or am teaching: a monthly ladies Bible class, a weekly tweens Bible class and a weekly young wives and mothers Bible class 

Complete, to the best of my abilities, the 4 following personal ministries I’ve chosen for this year

1.  Sew pillowcases and donate to Ryan’s Cases for SmileDidn't get done!

2.  Purpose and plan to be able to financially help a family for Christmas 2022.  Done!

3.  Fast and or pray on a regular basis about issues of concern.  I've had occasions to go to God in periods of fasting and prayer several times this year.  I'm so thankful this is a benefit of being a child of God.  Sometimes the circumstances changed that I was fasting and praying about, sometimes I changed and sometimes God worked behind the scenes with no visible evidence.  But every single time, I came away with that 'peace that passes understanding' that only comes from God.

4.  Send notes and cards of encouragement as well as for special occasions on a weekly basis.  I've already failed at this one.  I've sent notes and cards, but not every week!  That's okay, I'm still doing it, just not as often as I had planned.


Keep a log of books read. Done!

Read at least 25 books this year.  Didn't reach my goal of 25, my plan is to do much better next year with a ginormous goal!

Reshaping It All by Candance Bure  (1)

Step Into It by Anita Morris  (2)

Seek the Precious Moments by Becky Blackmon  (3)

The Seekers by Wanda Brunstetter  (4)

I'll Start Again Monday by Lisa Terkeurst  (5)

It's Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lisa Terkeurst  (6)

The Blessing by Wanda Brunstetter  (7)


Expand herb garden.  Done!  I expanded my rosemary and moringa.  Rosemary is so good for so many things and is an ingredient in the cider fire that I make. Research says it's good for the memory as well!  The benefits of moringa are many as well and I like to dry and turn it into a powder for health preventative measures.  I also planted other herbs as well.

Plant more roses.  Done!  I added 3 new tea roses to my collection.  My husband found these on clearance at the end of the rose planting season for our area.  I'm happy to say that all three are doing wonderful and giving me the most beautiful roses to enjoy.

Continue composting.  This is an ongoing activity that is just part of our daily routine

Set up worm farm  Didn't get done!

Research fertilizing method.  Done!

Move raspberries.  Done!

Add at least one raised bed.  We got it started but didn't get to finish it.

Grow a variety of fruits and vegetables that we will eat.  Done!

Pantry and Preparedness

Keep the pantry well-stocked via food preservation, shopping sales, bartering, swapping, forging etc.  Done!

Shop from pantry before shopping at the store.  Done!

Learn to make flavored honey.  Done!  First, I learned to make fermented garlic honey.  After I felt comfortable with it, I added ginger to the mix and started making fermented garlic and ginger honey.  I make a warm beverage with one of these mixes every day and drink it.  I find it quite enjoyable!

Learn to make flavored vinegars.  Done!

Continue growing in, improving upon, and copying the pantry/preparedness lifestyle grandma lived.  Done!  Yes, I have a pantry building, preparedness mindset ... like grandma had!

Be mindful of ‘what’s in my hand and what I can do with it.'  Done!


Make at least one garment for myself each month.  This is another one I've already failed at ... miserably!  Enough said!

Finish hand quilting ‘Christmas Tree’ quilt  Didn't happen!  I worked on it but just didn't get it finished!

Make a quilt from my mom’s clothing (I think I’m finally emotionally ready to tackle this.)  Didn't get done!  I thought I was ready to do this but soon realized I wasn't!

Complete one mini cross stitch pillow project per month.  I’ve fallen in love with the little mini pillows and am working towards being able to have enough for seasonal displays.  I haven't completed one each month, but I have done several!

Sew and donate pillowcases for Ryan’s Cases for Smiles  Didn't get done, but I'll be teaching a 6-week beginner sewing class for tween age girls in a couple of weeks and we're going to make pillowcases for Ryan's Cases for Smile.  I'll add several that I make to theirs and mail them all at the same time.

Do another long distance ‘quilt-a-long’ with my sister in the fall.  We had so much fun doing that this fall/winter that we both agreed we want to do it again this coming fall/winter.   We started in September by choosing our pattern and gathering our supplies.  We began the actual work on November 1st!

Shop from fabric stash before shopping at store or online. Done!

Shop from pattern stash before shopping at store or online.  I've pretty much stopped buying patterns.  I have all the 'basics' patterns that I need to make anything for myself that I would want or need.

Go through patterns and re-home the ones that no longer meet my needs   Didn't get done!  I really wanted to do this, but just never got around to it.

Hand-sew something from start to finish other than a quilt (I know this is a weird goal, but I really want to improve my hand sewing skills.)  Didn't get done, here again, this is something that I really wanted to do but just never got around to.


Continue blogging.  Done!

I also started a second blog where I share more of my spiritual walk through the things that I write ... From This Heart of Mine.

Continue Instagram.  Done!

Continue Facebook.  I decided to end A Working Pantry's Facebook page and honestly, it has helped with the quieter, calmer life I'm working on building.

Get back to writing Bible Studies. Done!  I've written 2 studies this year:  

Knowing Our Enemy



All our grands live far away and while I try to utilize every means at hand to stay in touch and establish relationships with them, I want to do more.  All our grands are relatively young so we are limited in what we can do, here are some things that will work in the season of life they and we are in …

While we send them things via postal mail for special occasions and holidays, I want to expand that and send them mail every month.  We missed a few months during the summer but are back at it now.

Talk to them on the phone as often as possible.  Done!

Video chat with as often as possible.  My youngest grand often asks her mom to call grandma and she and I will video chat.  Many times, she will carry the phone around in her little hand showing me different things.  I see a lot of ceiling and floor and sometimes what she intends me to see ... and I love every minute of it!  And don't get me started on pictures!  Every time I'm blessed with pictures of my grands, my heart just does a dance of joy ... yes, I'm that kind of grandma!


Enjoy each holiday and special occasion/event.  Live life to the fullest!  Done!

Create bucket list for each holiday.  While I haven't done great with this, I'm doing better than I have in the past.

Create bucket list for birthday (This year’s a big one for me!).   Since I was exposed to and came down with 'IT' on my birthday this year, I asked for a 'do-over!'  Do you blame me, this was a pretty big birthday!

That’s quite a few goals but I believe they are doable with a little stretching. 

While I didn't complete all my goals for 2022, I'm pretty pleased with what I/we did accomplish!


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  1. Wow! That is quite a list! More power to you. I wish I had the energy to accomplish half that much! I have CFS so not much energy but lots I'd like to do! Nancy

    1. Nancy, I'm so thankful that even though age is slowing me down, I'm still able to do ... just at a slower pace! All the things on my list will be spread out over the entire year, several of them I already do so it's not like I'll be adding everything new. I hope you have a really good year and that your CFS is controlled so that you have more good days than bad.

  2. I like your grandchildren goals. I think I will steal that list!

    1. Lana, steal away! If you come up with any more or different ideas, please let me know.

  3. You are ambitious! What a great list.

  4. This list is awesome can I copy it for my personal use?