Saturday, June 18, 2022

This Week's 'to-do' List: 6/18/22

Welcome to this week's 'to-do' list!  I haven't done an official 'to-do' list in about 2 weeks due to 'IT' and then falling this past week.  I'm recovering from the fall and since I've lost so much time due to illness and injury, I desperately need to get some things done!

(Picture:  Do you see the 3 apples on this apple tree?  We were so excited to find them, this is the first year that this tree has given us any fruit!)

Here's what my 'to-do' list for this week looks like ...

Bible Study:  work on lesson 2 of the 'Knowing Our Enemy' Bible study I'm writing

Exercise:  Get in 5000 steps a day.  I'm having to build back up to where I was before 'IT' came for a visit.  I'll do it slowly, so my body doesn't have any more trauma to deal with!

Harvest and preserve the rest of our cabbage  (picture:  I harvested these this morning but there are several more to be done!)

Plant watermelon and cantaloupe

Finish making over the table that belonged to my mama

Work on preserving potatoes

Stitch up a sample block for the 'Christmas in July' quilt I plan to make.  I like to make one block from start to finish so I can get a feel of how it all goes together.  Once I'm comfortable with the process I can work fairly quickly.

This morning I gathered some seeds and headed out to do a little planting.  Since my movement is better, albeit still a bit slower than normal, I felt like I could handle dropping a few seeds in the ground.  I planted: dipper gourds, birdhouse gourds, mixed decorative gourds, basket gourds, dill, zucchini, a third succession planting of cucumbers, and pumpkins.  Several of the things I planted were done so with fall in mind. The gourds are for fall decorating and the pumpkins are for fall decorating as well as for eating.

I made it fine doing the planting as I only planted a few seeds of each, but I was ready to head back in by the time I was finished.  I told hubby it's amazing the many ways a fall can or will affect one's body.  I'll pick up my pace this week but take time to rest often as well.

There was no 'He Shops, She Shops! post this week as we got hit with an unexpected auto repair yesterday.   In fact, there was no grocery shopping, or any other kind of shopping done this week, remember we are in survival mode and that unexpected auto repair didn't help!   I'm so glad that our pantry is such that we can still eat healthy and nutritious meals without having to go to the grocery store.  Maintaining a well-stocked pantry helps us absorb the hits that life throws our way!  We do plan to continue the 'He Shops! She Shops!' bargain hunting posts though whenever it's feasible and fits our budget.

That's it for this week, what's on your to-do list for the upcoming week?

Until the next post,


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  1. Glad to know you are feeling better. Sorry to hear of the car repair. My husband and I had a brief(very) discussion the other day when he examined our bank record and complained over what was spent. I asked quietly, "And which of those bills do you think we should stop paying? There's no other shopping beyond groceries..." He didn't say another word. I try hard to listen to my husband but there's only so far you can go in slashing spending. We are debt free and we just manage each month to save a bit and pay our bills for which I'm deeply grateful. I'm willing to cut more anywhere he can help me cut it but I think he found we were doing very well indeed.

    1. Terri, you are right, there is only so far you can go with slashing spending, the bills have to be paid. Our food budget is often used for unexpected expenses which makes me so thankful for a well-stocked pantry! I love the way you responded to your husband, sometimes seeing it all in writing is the reality check we need.

  2. I'm glad you are doing a bit better. Falling is just horrible at our age and you are wise to allow your body time to heal.

    Our drywall work is finished up and looks great! That mess had been there for a long time. Now we wonder why we thought it would be so hard!

    It has been six days since I dry canned the potatoes and they look just like they did when they came out of the canner. Some reported brown or gray potatoes after a few days but that is why I did the salt water soak. I am going to open one tomorrow and see how they taste. If we like them I am going to try to get some more done next week. My pain level has been very high so I am doing what I can and if I can only do six jars then it is six jars done!.

    I want to catch up on some sermons from our pastor's series on Revelations. Sometimes I just cannot stay awake when we watch at home on Sunday mornings. The sermons have been so good that I don't want to miss any of them.

    Have patience with myself as I heal. It is hard to just let the treatments do the work and not fight the pain by overdoing it.

    Plan meals for our son and family's visit over 4th of July. I had it all done and then he told me he is eating gluten free so back to the drawing board.

    1. Lana, thank you for sharing your goal of, 'have patience with myself as I heal. It is hard to just let the treatments do the work and not fight the pain by overdoing it.' While we're battling different situations and yours is so much worse than mine, your statement is just what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing!

      Six quarts is indeed better than none! Considering what you're dealing with I'd say that's exceptionally good!

  3. So glad you're up and around, and are being attentive to how you're feeling, taking breaks as needed, and allowing yourself time to heal. Temperatures here are predicted to climb again this week, so I'll be managing outdoor time and making sure to stay hydrated. I will need to get another cutting of herbs done fairly early in the week -- basil, oregano, parsley, and chives, and get them into the dehydrator, and I'll need to stay on top of watering. I have peppers and tomatoes forming on the plants in the patio pots, and my pickle cucumbers are flowering. Being in pots, they dry out quickly, so when temps are high, they get watered in the AM and again in late afternoon. My daughter and I canned strawberry jam today. She took some jars, and the remainder are going to a fundraiser to support the non-profit that allows us to hold our Bible study meetings at their facility. We'll be having a Ladies Night Out at our group leader's home later this summer and will have crafts, etc. available for fundraising. The jams will be offered for a suggested donation, as I can't officially sell them. Also on my To Do list for the week is to get my office in better shape, so I can better stay on top of the paperwork and bill paying. I also need to talk to BCBS about health care coverage that changes effective July 1, and especially about options for prescriptions -- pricing vial mail order vs. local pharmacy. My scripts are now stable enough that I should be able to go mail order (I think). There are other things on the docket, but they are more routine. Stay healthy and hydrated, everyone!

    1. Lori, your jam sounds delicious, I bet it will be a hit at the fundraiser. Our temps are supposed to be at or around 100 degrees again this week and like you we have to stay diligent to make sure our container gardens and raised beds get the attention they need. We are so thankful that we thought ahead and installed a watering system for most of them. Good luck on your goals for the week!


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